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You have decided to take your many years of experience as a professional and step outside the box and become a life coach. There are many reasons to take this step and put your old career behind you. Working as a coach provides you with the opportunity to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and help others achieve their career and lifelong goals. But, how can you get the best and most desirable life coaching salary?

How to Get A Superstar Salary as a Life Coach

Just hanging a shingle out with your name and experience on it will usually bring you a few clients, but to move up to the next level, you are going to need valuable coaches training. Training will provide you with additional skills needed to give your clients the best mentoring possible. Coaches training will sharpen your skills, teach you how to work with different personalities, and show you methods of marketing your business that will help you compete with other coaches. To get a superstar salary, you need to train like a superstar.

Training may take time and money, but it will ultimately lead you down the yellow-brick road to greater financial reward. Whether you work for yourself or for others, training will give your career the boost it needs to jump up a few rungs on the compensation ladder. Be warned; you won’t get the best life coaching salary without training.

Options for an Awesome Life Coaching Salary

When you decide to jump into the coaching field, you will have a few options for your new business. Getting an superstar life coaching salary will depend on which option you choose. All options work; you decide which one is right for you.

Work for a Large Company of Coaches

When you work for one of the large mentoring companies, you usually receive free training. This is often a desirable place to begin your career as you get training, clients, and valuable experience in the field. However, in a large firm, you will have constraints on the money you make, the clients you work with, and the ability to teach your clients in the manner you desire. For some people, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Work for Yourself – Be Your Own Boss!

If the thought of working in a large firm makes you cringe, you can start and develop your own business. If you are new to the field, expect your business to grow slowly. You should also expect to work hard and spend much of your time doing that one thing that most of us hate…marketing! However, working as your own boss offers you one of the best opportunities for a superstar life coaching salary.

Get Superstar Money by Coaching Others to Coach

You can also start a business by hiring other coaches and teaching them to coach. In essence, you would be starting your own large firm of coaches. You would mostly handle the marketing, the administration, and the training of your employees. Get enough clients, create an effective marketing campaign, and have a stable of well-trained coaches working for you, and you and your employees will eventually be earning awesome life coaching salaries

Train Like a Superstar, Make Money Like a Superstar

Training to be a coach should be considered a part of your business. It is effective before you begin in the field, and it is beneficial throughout your entire career. Superstars in every sport train hard; it’s no different for coaches. Never under estimate the powerful connection between training and the ability to earn a superstar life coaching salary.

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    this is good information for all your readers and I. Who would think that one can utilize all their experiences and learn how to grow a business by sharing those skills with others.

    Most of us go on and recruit others in our businesses and then mentor them. We build relationships and support them in all areas. It never hurts to build up your skill base daily with learning from those who are doing it. Being a coach is a huge obligation and should not be taken lightly.

    Fred, your a great coach and visionary in our industry. One we all learn from on a daily bases. I look forward in learn more from you in the future.

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