Becoming a Life Coach to Make a Difference

When people get stuck and confused about the direction they’re going in their lives, how in the world does becoming a life coach make it possible to make any difference in their desperate quest? Who Benefits From Life Coaching? It’s part of human nature to query who we are and where are we going. Depending on where we find ourselves in our lives when asking those questions, these questions can be overwhelming, even intimidating. People yearn for balance in their lives. They want their lives to … [Read more...]

Becoming a Life Coach Who Knows Your Niche: How to Become a Life Coach Who Knows Their Market

On the road to becoming a life coach everyone eventually asks the same question:  Who is my ideal client?  What is my niche?  Many people get hung up on how to become a life coach that has a great niche without being too narrow.  The real problem is how to become a life coach who is specialized enough to attract their ideal client.  The first step in becoming a life coach who knows their niche, is to know yourself.  And this is how to become a life coach who can do just that. When Becoming a … [Read more...]

How to Become a Life Coach: Becoming a Life Coach Who Is Destined for Greatness

Are you interested in how to become a life coach or are you committed to becoming a life coach who is truly world class?  Not everyone wants to know how to become a life coach who is considered to be great.  Some people want to become a life coach who is just good enough to make a decent living.  Becoming a life coach is challenging enough without trying to be the best.  Which one are you? If You Are Interested in Becoming a Life Coach Who is Great You’ll Need Mentoring and Coaching Becoming a … [Read more...]

What’s Stopping Your From Becoming a Life Coach? The Top Five Barriers People Face After Deciding to Become a Life Coach

Everyday people decide they want to become a life coach, but few actually achieve their goals of becoming a life coach.  In fact, some of the biggest barriers to becoming a life coach arise just after they decide to become a life coach.  And unfortunately for most people, these barriers keep them from realizing their dreams.  Here are the top five barriers to becoming a life coach, and what you can do about it. If You Want to Become a Life Coach You Can’t get Hung Up on Money Barrier to … [Read more...]

Becoming a Life Coach: Beyond Taking Life Coach Classes

Becoming a life coach and shopping for life coach classes is a lot like shopping for a diet. Have you ever heard an advertisement for a diet that says, “You just have to eat less, exercise more, and work consistently?” People want the magic bullet. Even at the risk of adverse side effects. Becoming a life coach is very similar. Have you ever seen advertisements for life coach classes that say, “Become a coach in 3 days!” The truth is that becoming a life coach is very similar. Taking life … [Read more...]

How To Overcome Adversity While You Become a Life Coach? Becoming a Life Coach Who Can Handle Any Situation

Do you ever feel like you are becoming a life coach who is getting stuck, or that a problem comes up that seems too big to handle? It happens to your clients, but not to you, of course! Ultimately, adversity effect all of us, and starting and growing a coaching business is no exception. Your ability to handle adversity can be a great beacon of hope to your clients, or you lack of handling your own adversity can kill any good advice that you do happen to bring your clients as well. These … [Read more...]

How Can I Become a Coach? Becoming a Life Coach on a Shoestring Budget

People Often Ask, “How Can I Become a Coach?” “What are the start up costs in becoming a life coach?” “How can I become a coach if I don’t have a lot of extra money?” Becoming a life coach and starting up your own practice doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. How You Can Start Becoming a Life Coach on a Shoe String Budget: Get a phone. If it’s a cell phone, use it to make your appointments and you can coach just about anywhere. Get a library card. It’s free, and as you … [Read more...]

Becoming a Life Coach: Life Coach Tips to Establish Instant Rapport With Your Clients

Get Even the Most Reserved People to Warm up to You Using These Seven Simple Life Coach Tips  isn’t always as easy as it seems. What happens when you begin a session and feel like your client is not engaged?  You’re getting one word answers to your open-ended questions, and you start to feel panicky.  Relax, and enjoy these seven simple life coach tips that will immediately ease your strain upon the road to becoming a life coach. Life coach tips #1: When speaking, match pitch and rhythm with … [Read more...]

What Most Coach Training Programs Won’t Offer: The Secret Element You Must Have When Becoming a Life Coach

Why is environment so important in a coach training and becoming a life coach? According to recent studies 50% of your success will be determined by your environment and 40% by your mindset or attitude. So it seems obvious that when looking for a coach training program, you would want to be around positive people and an environment is supportive to your goals. But what about the skills you need to get from a coach training? How important are those in becoming a life coach? The Big Coach … [Read more...]

Becoming a Life Coach: The Facts

I get asked a lot of questions about becoming a Life Coach and I welcome them because there are many misconceptions about the profession and what it’s about. Let me start by saying what it’s not. Life Coaching is not therapy, it is not counseling and it is not consulting although many physiologists, consultants and counselors are becoming trained and using coaching skills and technologies as a compliment to their practice. Here are some things to consider when becoming a Life Coach. What … [Read more...]