Creating Rules to Support Your Client’s Goals

Creating Rules to Support Your Client’s Goals

Last week we talked about the ‘rules’ that run your clients' life…Remember THIS? This week you’ll discover how to coach your clients to escape these rules... they are free to move toward their goals… ...faster and more efficiently than ever. Take one of my favorite clients… ...who came to her session one day... ...upset because she wasn’t making progress toward her goals. She told me she didn’t have time… ...because her husband and kids were not picking up after … [Read more...]

Inner Game Coaching – Technique to Improve Performance

Inner Game Coaching can help improve your leadership game or your short game in golf. If you aren't familiar with the term, think of inner game coaching as the kind of coaching that breaks through the lies you tell yourself that prevent you from winning. Tim Gallwey, an expert on the topic says, “There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make the difference between success and failure in the outer … [Read more...]

Great Coaches Understand Inner Game Coaching

What is inner game coaching? What is the inner game? Is coaching the inner game the same as any other type of coaching? What is Inner Game Coaching? A client's inner game is made up of their thoughts, beliefs, motivations, feelings, and values. It is everything that is “inside” that causes actions. Being an inner game coach means that you are helping the client expand their self-awareness by seeing themselves more clearly – both how they are perceived by others and how they perceive … [Read more...]

Do Gurus Over Play Inner Game Coaching Claims For Fame?

Inner game coaching claims made by the famous, highly paid gurus promise huge rewards if you just get yourself to believe that you can take charge and leap over a skyscraper like superwoman to rise above any preventing obstacle that has in the past stopped you cold psychologically like your fears, frustrations, and not only these petty frustrations gurus say you can run right over your addictions and attachments that you find it to be very painful to let go. I’ve heard it said that self … [Read more...]

Inner Game Coaching From Harry Potter’s Mentor

Inner game coaching isn't something that most clients know they need when they first come to a coach. A client often gets into coaching because he has some goal or another that he just can't seem to accomplish. Or maybe she is just unhappy about something or someone in her life. Wherever the client may think the blame lies, as his coach, you need to know the same things that Professor Dumbledore knew: one, that your client created his own worst enemy, and two, how to defeat that enemy. Creating … [Read more...]

5 Keys To Client Victories From Inner Game Coaching

Inner game coaching is often the difference between an entrepreneur with a successful business, and one who fails. Here are 5 areas which are often limiting to your client's business success, where you can use your coaching skills to help them shift to a mindset which will lead to victory in business. Be Careful About Assumptions In Rules For Revolutionaries, Guy Kawasaki talks about dumping “your idols.” In other words, don't assume that just because something has always been done a … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching 101: How Where You Are in Your Inner Game Coaching Business Makes All the Difference

Understanding psychology coaching can really help drive your results.  Sure we know from inner game coaching that wherever we are, is a result.  It’s the effect of our actions, thoughts and beliefs.  But according the psychology coaching experts, beliefs drive 95% of our perceptions, behaviors and actions.  There are three basic zones in inner game coaching, and where you are with your own inner game coaching can predict quite a bit. What Does Psychology Coaching Teach Us About Flight or … [Read more...]

Success Coaching: Giving Your Clients Inner Game Coaching To Create Great Relationships With Others

In your success coaching business, what inner game coaching will help your clients create great relationships with others?  In success coaching you must help your to clients master creating relationships with other people.  They will need inner game coaching to change how they listen to others when others speak.  Here are two strategies to use to help your clients maintain great relationships with other people. Success Coaching Technique:  Make Sure Your Client Makes The Other Person Feel Like … [Read more...]

To Have Success Coaching Your Clients Long Term What Inner Game Coaching Will They Need?

What inner game coaching will your clients need for you to have success coaching them in the long run?  You will need to keep them emotionally connected to you.  I have had success coaching many of my clients for a long time.  The inner game coaching I do with them is very important to keep them wanting me to coach them long enough to get results.  Over time we develop such a strong emotional bond and trust between us that they ask me for coaching in all areas of their life.    When we use the … [Read more...]

Success Coaching Using the DISC Assessments: Inner Game Coaching To Increase Sales

How Inner Game Coaching Can Bring Results to Your Success Coaching The DISC and Motivators Assessments are a great tool to take stock of what motivates your success coaching clients and influences how they tend to behave.  Inner game coaching uses the client’s language patterns, beliefs, and physiology to alter clients’ results.  Assessment results will also help with inner game coaching by helping your clients become aware of their natural tendencies and allow them to work within their natural … [Read more...]