Finding Your Coaching Niches Means Playing to Your Strengths

Finding Your Coaching Niches Means Playing to Your Strengths

Understanding coaching niches is instrumental in your success as a life coach. For a long time, life coaching wasn’t considered a career. Many thought it was simply advice, or similar to chatting with a friend about the things that confuse you… and then finding solutions as you go along the conversation. Why hire a coach when you already have a lot of friends willing to listen to you and give advice? Why hire a coach when you already have a lot of friends willing to listen to you and … [Read more...]

Online Life Coaching From The Couch

Delivering world-class online life coaching from the comfort of your home might have seemed the stuff of fantasy a few years ago. But today, it is rapidly becoming the norm. Already, video coaching packages deliver results, allowing coaches to reach clients without the time and expense of travel for either party. There are many ways in which you can become an effective online based coach, providing joy to your clients and growing a business you can be proud of. Finding Your Target User … [Read more...]

Does Life Coaching Work? Ask me After my Car Accident

Does life coaching work? When you go through tough times. How do you manage? Do you avoid? Do you freak out? OR... ...Do you coach yourself? Three ‘Life Ruining’ Situations Recently, I experienced three events that really changed my life – in one day. All three had the potential to ruin my life if I was unable to handle them. I really had to pull all of my tools together and coach myself through them. The first was a vehicle accident, everyone involved survived, but it … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Coaching Competency

Although every coaching relationship will be unique by design, you must develop high enough coaching competency to adapt to what each client needs. In order to be most effective it is important that you treat each individual coaching session with the utmost care. As the possibilities to earn unlimited income increase with each new client gained, it is easy to lose sight of the main reason you decided to become a professional coach.   In order to ensure a lasting impact is made, it is critical … [Read more...]

Does Relationship Coaching Encompass Sex Coaching?

I recently joined a third-party website to promote my relationship coaching services. It is a good platform to earn money on coaching services and I have found two new clients in the past month. Not bad for starting out. However, I believe some of these people are confused as to what relationship coaching actually is. I received several phone calls from people wanting to tell me their deep, dark secrets about fantasies and how their innate need to please themselves may be interfering in their … [Read more...]

Becoming a Life Coach to Make a Difference

When people get stuck and confused about the direction they’re going in their lives, how in the world does becoming a life coach make it possible to make any difference in their desperate quest? Who Benefits From Life Coaching? It’s part of human nature to query who we are and where are we going. Depending on where we find ourselves in our lives when asking those questions, these questions can be overwhelming, even intimidating. People yearn for balance in their lives. They want their lives to … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification: How Important is it?

Depending on whom you ask, some would say that coaching certification is important to have, while others would say that it isn’t. When considering your options, there are questions that you might want to ask yourself and then based on your answers decide whether pursing that particular designation is needed right now, or can be pursed later. Why Do I Need to Have Coaching Certification? One word: Credibility Many would argue that you cannot possibly operate this type of business unless … [Read more...]