What is a Prestigious Coaching Certification?

Are you looking for a prestigious coaching certification? Do you even know what a prestigious coaching certification is? Does Coaching Certification Even Matter? Can you be a coach without a certification? Do you need something hanging on your wall to prove to the world that you can coach? Well – yes and no. You are not required to have any certifications to call yourself a coach. You can open an office, advertise for clients, and start charging the minute your first client walks … [Read more...]

Prestigious Coaching Certification: Content or Cache?

When it comes to getting a prestigious coaching certificate that really is the question – are you looking for content or cache? After 35 years working in Silicon Valley Hi-Tech, I have met more than a couple of guys with BSEE’s from MIT and Harvard MBA’s who couldn’t figure out a bus schedule. And you can’t get a more prestigious education than that. So clearly it is a combination of what you bring to the table, how hard you are willing to work, and the quality of the coaching school or … [Read more...]

Looking For a Prestigious Coaching Certification

One of the most prestigious coaching certification is from the International Coach Federation, or ICF, or a coaching school approved by the ICF. How to Know if a School Has The Prestigious Coaching Certification To know if a school is approved by the ICF, check if they have a seal or say that they are ICF approved. This means the content of their course meets the ICF standards of ethics and coaching competences. The alphabetical soup you need to be looking for is ACTP (Accredited Coach … [Read more...]