Are You The Success Coach or An Angel Investor?

It may not seem that as the success coach, your job has anything to do with angel investing. After all, isn’t an angel investor someone who backs a business with a nice investment of money? Seems a bit backwards since you’re probably the one getting paid by your client, rather than the other way around. But consider what you do and maybe you’ll agree that the success coaching approach is strikingly similar to angel investing in many ways.

What Drives an Angel Investor to Back a Business?

Here’s the who, what, why, when and how about angel investors–

1. Who: As an expert in a certain field, the angel investor, in addition to providing monetary support, may provide the business with knowledge, management advice, and other valuable resources. Angel investors have often succeeded in their own businesses, possibly experiencing setbacks along the way and overcoming them.

2. What: The angel investor is the one that fills the funding gap between the ‘friends and family’ investors and the venture capitalists, giving the business a boost to the next level.

3. Why: They make investments in businesses for reasons that go far beyond the money they’re likely to make.

4. When: Often the angel investor gets involved with the business in its early stages.

5. How: The angel investor sees the potential for growth and often the investment is mission-driven.

Does any of this sound familiar to you as a success coach?

Here’s How You’re an Angel for Your Clients as the Success Coach

Let’s compare the success coaching approach to angel investing as defined by the points made above:

1. Who: The best success coaches are those who have experienced real success despite setbacks in their own lives. This is important so that you can be authentically supportive to the client, helping her achieve her own personal and professional goals.

2. What: As the success coach, you fill the gap. You provide a safe space of non-judgment and acceptance, unlike family and friends, and you boost the client’s confidence and ability to reach the next level. You help them move into a place where they know their purpose, identify they want, and begin creating steps toward achieving their goals.

3. Why: You make investments of time and energy in your clients as a coach for reasons other than just making money. You love the work because you are passionate about supporting your clients in their steps toward personal and professional success.

4. When: Most often the success coach is hired in the early stages of a client’s development toward defining what success means to them. As your client begins to use her success muscles, your job is to support her along the journey, through the twists and turns, the challenges and opportunities.

5. How: As a success coach, you are passionate and purposeful, and attract clients who resonate with you. You’re excited by their ‘mission’ and you believe in them, in their potential to succeed and thrive in all areas of their lives.

If you’re thinking of taking the title of the success coach, you may want to don your wings and halo. After all, your work in this world is essential, sharing your expertise and experience, aligning your heart and mind to truly support your client’s journey on the path to success.

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