Becoming a Life Coach to Make a Difference

When people get stuck and confused about the direction they’re going in their lives, how in the world does becoming a life coach make it possible to make any difference in their desperate quest?

Who Benefits From Life Coaching?

It’s part of human nature to query who we are and where are we going. Depending on where we find ourselves in our lives when asking those questions, these questions can be overwhelming, even intimidating. People yearn for balance in their lives. They want their lives to reflect the core values that they feel they have in their souls and their hearts. When these core beliefs appear to be in misalignment, or out of balance, people often get frustrated. They feel stuck, powerless.

We live in a complicated, fast-paced, multi-tasking world. Managing the intricate priorities of that world….family, relationships, work, health, marriage….can cause a disharmony in life balance. Issues could come from business (no job, or an unsatisfying job or career), relationships with family, spouse, or no relationship. Becoming a life coach positions you to be accessible and prepared to help people find their way back to balance.

Even if things are going well, the sense of not having followed their passion (a dream left unfulfilled) can lead to a sense of dis-ease. They resent the ones closest to them. They have problems at work, at home, or in health.

We don’t live in a perfect world. People find it’s not possible to figure things out by themselves. Most find themselves at a loss to cope when faced with the complexities of their daily lives, especially when their lives fall out of balance with who they really are.

How Becoming a Life Coach Works For The Client

When you become a life coach, it enables you to help clients focus on the goals and values they feel are important to them, and to make a difference in their lives. On the other hand, if your client has either lost sight of his goals and values, or they feel just out of reach, you, as the coach, can help them rediscover those goals.

Coaching is a relatively new concept of helping people who are at a crossroads, and feel the need for help in finding the direction they want to travel. It is a collaborative effort between coach and client, and becoming a life coach is an incredibly effective and helpful way to focus, inspire and motivate the client to follow through on his desires and goals. As a life coach, not only can you make a difference in a client’s life, but you can also make a substantial income in the process.

By becoming a life coach, you learn the skills that will help people identify their dreams, their goals, and help them find the solutions that will get them to achieve their dreams and goals. A coach will also help the client identify what’s missing, and help in figuring out how to get it, or how to make peace with the missing piece.

Becoming a life coach provides the skill to help your client focus on what they are tolerating or coping with, to identify what is creating the disharmony in their life…. the distance between what they expect and need for their life, and what their life looks like now.

Becoming a therapist and practicing therapy is very different from becoming a life coach and coaching a client. A main difference is that therapy is geared more toward the client’s past wounds. Life coaching looks at all the areas in the client’s life….their actions, thoughts, relationships, health, career, spirituality, etc. By a cooperative endeavor, a life coach inspires and motivates the client to bring their life into balance with who they say they are or who they want to be.

Beate Janssen
Life Coach
Guest Writer, Coaches Training Blog community

About Beate Janssen

Beate’s passion for helping others, animals in particular, started in early childhood, when she saw how neglect and abuse caused the death of a small kitten She saw the stunned silence that ensued and people’s need to disassociate themselves from such a violent, invasive act. She has observed similar situations in families with elderly parents.

She now channels that passion for helping others by working with people to find solutions to these pressing issues. Whether the feelings and issues are related to someone’s beloved aging parent, or their beloved pet, Beate works with her clients to bring harmony, communication and connection back into their lives.

She enjoys writing at her Santa Rosa Beach home, where she is finishing her book, The Joy of Giving Back: Caring in Action.

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