Looking For a Prestigious Coaching Certification

One of the most prestigious coaching certification is from the International Coach Federation, or ICF, or a coaching school approved by the ICF.

How to Know if a School Has The Prestigious Coaching Certification

To know if a school is approved by the ICF, check if they have a seal or say that they are ICF approved. This means the content of their course meets the ICF standards of ethics and coaching competences. The alphabetical soup you need to be looking for is ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Programs), ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), or CCE (Continuing Coach Education). If any school has those letters attached to them then they are ICF approved and taking their course can count towards your full membership if you so desire.

But just having a prestigious coaching certification from an approved coaching school doesn’t guarantee you membership to the International Coaching Federation. If you want to become a member of this prestigious group you not only need certification from an approved school, but you need to have 100 coaching hours logged, plus have six hours with an ICF mentor. There will be, however, new regulations as of April 1, 2013, when you will only be required to have 60 hours of coach-specific training to become a member, or to remain a member of the ICF, in addition to paying membership dues and agreeing to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.

Is it Necessary to Get a Prestigious Coaching Certification?

No it’s not necessary for you to get any prestigious coach certificates or to become certified at all for that matter. Many coaches do not have a certificate, and as far as I know, John Assaraf, a highly successful and well known transitional coach who I greatly admire, is not a member of the ICF, neither are a lot of other great coaches.

But, if you are looking to work for a corporation, a school, or any other institution that is big on certifications, your best bet is to either get accredited and certified by ICF, or take a course along with the added requirements from an approved ICF school.

What Are Some of The Schools That Give The Prestigious Coaching Certification?

There are only 75 ICF accredited schools in the world. Below is a listing of a few that I know of. If it is important for you to become ICF accredited, you can go to the ICF site and check with them if the school you are interested in is on their list.

  • Accomplishment Coaching – They have Life, Leadership, Organization, Career and Success Coaching courses.
  • Ericson’s College – They have a fast track to ICF certification.
  • Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching – They specialize in the Core Energy CoachingTM process, an advanced coaching method pioneered and taught by them.
  • The Forton Group – They specialize in Professional Leadership Coach Training.
  • UT Dallas – They have Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching.
  • World Coach Institute – They offer Foundational Life Coaching training courses right up to Master Coach training, and a variety of ad on niche courses you can take.
  • The Coach Training Company – They specialize in training executive-level coaches, including executive coaching, business coaching, career coaching, and sales coaching.
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