Life Coaching Salary: Your Prices Increase With a Steady Climb

Life Coaching Salary  is a big topic among new coaches. Isn’t it amazing the professionals who are doing some of the most beneficial work, find it hard to determine their value? Where do you begin charging in the first year of your life coaching salary and what growth is possible? There are three big mountains to climb in the process of building your life coach salary. Mountain #1: Free Coaching You have reached out to your hot list and put the word out that you are a life coach eager to … [Read more...]

Earn a Superstar Life Coaching Salary

You have decided to take your many years of experience as a professional and step outside the box and become a life coach. There are many reasons to take this step and put your old career behind you. Working as a coach provides you with the opportunity to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and help others achieve their career and lifelong goals. But, how can you get the best and most desirable life coaching salary? How to Get A Superstar Salary as a Life Coach Just hanging a shingle out … [Read more...]

How to Increase your Life Coaching Salary in the Next 2 Weeks: Practical Life Coaching Business Tips

Your life coaching salary depends on one thing: getting paying clients.  If you are serious about learning how to increase your life coaching salary, you can start seeing results in 2 weeks or less by following these life coaching business tips. Life Coaching Business Tips to Secure Your Life Coaching Salary The first of these life coaching business tips is to maximize the value you provide your potential clients in the free session.  Give them your best, as if it was their only chance of ever … [Read more...]

Who’s Going to Drink This Kool-Aid? What’s It Really Going to Take to Have a Successful Life Coaching Business With a Decent Life Coaching Salary?

There is a tipping point in your life coaching business where you work long hours and don’t see anything happening, and then all of a sudden everything falls into place and you’re enjoying all the benefits of your hard work.  At that point, you finally start earning a decent life coaching salary.  Most people never get past that point in their life coaching business, however.  For one reason or another, they get discouraged and give up.  Often right before they get the life coaching salary they … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Salary on Steroids: How to Get Life Coach Clients to Commit To a Long Term Coaching Contract

The Life Coaching Salary Problems Associated With How to Get Life Coach Clients to Make That Long Term Commitment Your life coaching salary is going to increase by 50% when you use this technique to learn how to get life coach clients to stay around for 6 months minimum.  The first element that's very important is to get your client to agree right up front that they will do 6 months of coaching with you no matter what.  In fact, I always tell my clients that we won't even work with someone that … [Read more...]

Increase your Life Coaching Salary by Creating a Valuable Intake Package: How to Get Life Coach Clients Excited About Coaching With You

How to Get Life Coach Clients to Increase the Length of Time They Work With You While Adding More Money to Your Life Coaching Salary . When you are thinking about your life coaching salary, think about adding an intake package to your process when you sign up new coaching clients.  When new coaching clients sign up for coaching, your coaching client will be the most likely to want to learn about coaching while figuring out how to be a good coaching client.  This is why it’s important to … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Salary Secrets: How to Get Life Coach Clients to Pay Extra When They Sign up for Coaching With You

New coaches are always so concerned about how to get life coach clients that they forget about two very important issues that go way beyond getting new coaching clients: 1.  Life coaching salary  2.  How to KEEP your coaching clients paying for your life coaching services. When a new coaching client signs up for life or business coaching with you, it's a very special time.  This is the time when your coaching client will probably be most excited about coaching.  This is also your … [Read more...]

Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Talks Their Talk: How it Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life Coaching Salary

Do you think becoming a relationship coach who practices what they preach will affect your life coaching salary?  Or do you think just like church and state are separate in our government, in your career, what happens at home stays at home? Start by Cleaning Up Your Own Life And See Changes in Your Life Coaching Salary If you are thinking about becoming a relationship coach, or becoming a relationship coach with a better life coaching salary, you may want to start by cleaning up your own life … [Read more...]