How To Be Discovered As A Life Coach Online?

I find this a mystery and a question I spend a lot of time contemplating, not only how to get found myself as a life coach online but how to find other coaches online. I know there are a lot of great life coaches and other types of coaches out there in cyber space, but how in the world do you find them online? Getting Found As A Life Coach Online ? SEO, meta tags, back linking: I understand these are major ways to be discovered by Google, but I’m not going to be much help to you on this, as … [Read more...]

How to Become A Certified Relationship Coach and Fill a Real Need

  Have you ever wondered how to become a certified relationship coach? Maybe you’ve had great luck in relationships. Or maybe you just know the keys to making relationships work. Are you thinking about becoming a coach? Maybe you’re already coaching others and want to expand your practice to address relationship issues. I don’t know about you, but relationships are at the top of my list when it comes to affecting my life. Many of my friends and family want to know how to make their … [Read more...]

How to Get Coaching Clients to Pump Up Your Business

Stuck in a business rut and wondering how to get coaching clients? Have you tried all the usual methods of increasing your client base? Have you tried Internet marketing, public speaking, print ads, and more Internet marketing? Those methods work and have been used by many successful coaches as part of a long-term strategy. However, there comes a time that successful entrepreneurs need to seek out fresh methods to pump up their business and get a new client, or two, or three, or more!. Answering … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaching: the Ultimate Transferable Skill!

To be effective at leadership coaching, you must master a body of knowledge and a set of skills that equip you for excellence as a leader, a manager and as an individual contributor. Because you have a comprehensive understanding of the most important aspect of group performance – the inner workings of the human mind – you are equipped to play that most critical role, the catalyst for high performance of the members of a closely knit team. Let’s look further at why becoming a master leadership … [Read more...]

How To Get Coaching Clients By Delaying The Sale

Whoever thought putting off your potential clients is the best way how to get coaching clients.  It’s almost counter-intuitive to most coaches, but if you have plenty of free time it’s almost impossible to enroll clients.  Is it because you look too desperate to get coaching clients to enroll?  Probably.  Just like dogs can smell fear, prospects can sense when you really need them to enroll in coaching.  Don’t worry because there are a few ways to prevent yourself from … [Read more...]

Sequel to Take The $##!! Out of Life With Stress Coaching

The human body is an amazing machine. We’re actually made to renew ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually on a regular basis. If we neglect the renewal part for too long, then stress can become destructive instead of helpful causing your energy to be drained and we’re not as successful as we could be. Below are some stress coaching tips that you can use with your clients or even use on yourself. When using these stress coaching tips it should plug up your energy drainers and once … [Read more...]

How to Find a Life Coach Online?

How do potential clients go about finding a life coach online? The most obvious way is through a Google search using different key words. The problem with this is that this type of search will mostly lead you to coaching schools or information on how to become life coaches online, but you’ll not find much on how to hire a coach, although some schools do have listings. Not many individual life coaches come up through a Google search so one great way to be discovered is by being listed on one or … [Read more...]

Successful Coaching Is Far Beyond Nabbing New Clients

Successful coaching is driving to stretch your client beyond her comfort levels to help her achieve her goals and then instead of stopping and resting on her heals, you get her to set new stretch goals so she can move into a place of real power where she can have a real impact on her family, business and professional life, shift her finances to create enough wealth to support her long-term visions, and get started on how she plans to give back once she has arrived at a plateau in her … [Read more...]

My Personal Coach is Like the Statue of Liberty

If you haven’t already heard, the Statue of Liberty is closing down in October for renovations, the day after her 125th birthday. During the year-long closure, her insides will be restructured, spruced up and brought to code. How would you like to stop all that you’re doing and let someone renovate you, kind of like the Statue of Liberty? For me, I can’t wait to meet each week with If you haven’t already heard, the Statue of Liberty is closing down in October for renovations, the day after … [Read more...]

Business Leadership Coaching For Respect, Success, and Money

is a relatively new field that is growing rapidly. This rapid growth has opened up new opportunities for coaches with the knowledge, skills, and desire to help others while helping yourself. The Duties of a Successful Coach * Help assist professionals to develop and refine their leadership skills while helping them reach their career and professional goals. * Help improve personal weaknesses and identify strengths. * Help improve a company’s profitability and ensure managerial … [Read more...]