Business Leadership Coaching For Respect, Success, and Money

is a relatively new field that is growing rapidly. This rapid growth has opened up new opportunities for coaches with the knowledge, skills, and desire to help others while helping yourself.

The Duties of a Successful Coach

* Help assist professionals to develop and refine their leadership skills while helping them reach their career and professional goals.

* Help improve personal weaknesses and identify strengths.

* Help improve a company’s profitability and ensure managerial success.

* Help teach executives to work with their employees and increase their productivity.

* Help make more money for your clients!

Respect, Success, and Money

Everyone wants respect, success, and money. As a business leadership coach, you can teach others to demand respect, achieve success, and make more money. When you help others, you also earn respect, success, and money. If you become expert enough at business leadership coaching, the money will never stop flowing. Your success as a coach will make others take notice and compete for the opportunity to hire you. When people are knocking down your door for the chance to learn from an expert, you will have earned all the respect, success, and money you deserve.

Who Needs Business Leadership Coaching?

As a professional coach, there are many different types of executives and managers who can benefit from your help. An executive who has a knack for numbers, graphs, and the quantitative side of work may need help learning how to manage people and maximizing the skills of his work staff. You can help professionals, who have worked as employees for several years, realize their dreams of starting and succeeding in their own business. You can also offer help to young executives who may need to discover their strengths and improve their weaknesses, so they can move up the corporate ladder and achieve their financial goals. Almost everyone in the corporate and professional world needs help and can benefit from your services.

Wow Your Clients!

Though the field is growing, business leadership coaching is a competitive business. You need to “wow” your prospective clients. Many executives believe that coaching is just a fad; they don’t believe it offers any return on investment (ROI). However, there is evidence that a professional coach can help.

* MetLife found that productivity among salespeople rose 35% after participating in
an intensive program.

* MetLife also invested over $500,000 in a mentoring program, and realized over $3 million in measurable gains.

* Manchester Consulting Group did a study of Fortune 100 executives and found
that training programs resulted in an ROI of six times the cost.

* A study by Triad Performance Technologies, Inc. determined that people and
performance experience a positive change after working with a coach.

These are actual real-world measurements that demonstrate the benefits you can provide as a professional coach. Once you have established yourself in the industry, you can offer testimonials from your satisfied clients. Business leadership coaching works! You can “wow” prospective clients with the facts, with your personality, and by helping them achieve increased productivity and profits. If they profit, then you profit; it’s as simple as that!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Scott Ryan says

    Individuals want a business coach for all kinds of reasons. The current economic system has made successful business people fearing the unknown. It leaves them with the choice of moving alone around it, making do with what they have or seeking the expertise from an outside base. In the course of performance improvement business coaching, with an emphasis on talent growth and team building we create an all-star lineup for the business operator and their company.

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