Breaking the Cycle, Key to Stress Coaching Success

There is a great scene in the movie The Last Samurai that has a strong lesson for stress coaching. In this scene, a young Japanese archer tells the Western hero, Nathan Algren, that the reason he cannot beat the samurai in sword fighting is that “he has too many minds.” One mind is wheeling the sword. One mind is aware of the mind wheeling the sword. And one and many more minds each being aware of those minds being aware. There are few situations more threatening than being at the wrong end … [Read more...]

Sequel to Take The $##!! Out of Life With Stress Coaching

The human body is an amazing machine. We’re actually made to renew ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually on a regular basis. If we neglect the renewal part for too long, then stress can become destructive instead of helpful causing your energy to be drained and we’re not as successful as we could be. Below are some stress coaching tips that you can use with your clients or even use on yourself. When using these stress coaching tips it should plug up your energy drainers and once … [Read more...]

Take the #&$*#! out of your life With Stress Coaching

Stress coaching is a must for all of us. Stress, anxiety, worry or a sense of being overwhelmed can all be affecting your attitude and productivity without you even knowing it. Because of this, it is a good plan to identify the source of your stress so that you can do something about it, and one of the best ways you can do this is through stress coaching. There is no shame in that as we all suffer from stress from time to time, even you, my fellow coaches. You’d be surprised how much stress can … [Read more...]

Make a Difference: Save Lives with Stress Coaching

As the underlying cause of the greatest killers in America – heart disease, stroke, cancer, alcohol and drug related deaths – stress is public health enemy number one. Through stress coaching, you can have a profound impact on your clients’ life and on turning the tide of this silent killer. Good Stress. Bad Stress. Personally, I am tired of comments on the virtues of “good stress”. You know how it goes: without some stress we lose motivation and wouldn’t get anything done. Fine. But today, … [Read more...]

Stress Coaching: How Hard Could It Be?

I was driving through the beautiful hills just outside San Diego for a special weekend trip with my Girl Scout troop when I saw a large sign in an empty lot that said, “Stress Coaching” and a number to call. I did a double take through the rear view mirror, wondering who would need coaching for stress out in such a tranquil area. And how many people would just pick up the phone and call a number painted on a large wooden sign? Have You Ever Considered Stress Coaching? Typing “stress coaching” … [Read more...]