How to Find a Life Coach Online?

How do potential clients go about finding a life coach online? The most obvious way is through a Google search using different key words. The problem with this is that this type of search will mostly lead you to coaching schools or information on how to become life coaches online, but you’ll not find much on how to hire a coach, although some schools do have listings. Not many individual life coaches come up through a Google search so one great way to be discovered is by being listed on one or several life coach online directory listings.

What to Expect From The Life Coach Online Directory Listings

Most services that provide coach listings will ask you for a bio of your life and work in order to match you up with potential clients. They will then ask the clients various questions, such as what do they want to achieve through coaching, and then they will send them a list of coaches from their directory that may meet their criteria. The potential client can then contact the different ones on the list. You may or may not be required to give a free consultation. Some listings require a fee to be on their list, with others you must bid on the client, and some simply list all the coaches from their directory for the clients to choose from.

Most coaching schools provide a listing service for students who complete their coaching course, and it is to your benefit to take advantage of this service and get yourself listed on their directory.

Life Coach Directories if You Want to be Found as a Life Coach Online

If you are a great coach just waiting to be found this might be what you are looking for. I have compiled a short list of ‘coaching’ directories which I have found helpful if you want to have an online presence.

Life Coach Directory: They list by city the coaches who have signed up with them.

Life Coach Guide: They claim to be the most accessible directory of coaches on the web and it may be true, as the clients can search the full list of coaches, coach specialties, alphabetically, geographically or by asking them to find what they are looking for.

Noomi: They have different packages including a free package, however, the more you pay, the higher on the list you are.

Thumbtack: This is a free listing. They not only list coaches but other professionals. Their claim to fame is “Let us find you a pro.” For clients to find you they just type in what they are looking for i.e. Life Coach.

Wahanda: This is a beauty site, which includes a listing of coaches. They allow you to ask and answer questions, do reviews and to comment which gives you exposure to their clients.

Self-Growth: This is a network of self-growth people where you can be listed and advertize your products and services.

Click a Life Coach: They are having a special at the moment, half price for the premium listings. You can also list for free but of course it reduces your exposure.

I hope this helps you get discovered as a life coach online. I’m sure there are more lists that I’m not aware of so if you have a favorite site you are presently listed on, please note this in the comment box and I’ll be sure to include it next time.

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    A Life and Business Coach will give you examples of life to help you understand how to overcome the stress of the peak period of your business. The Coach will not be manipulative, but teach you to make your own decisions and the right ones pertaining to your business.

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