Successful Coaching Is Far Beyond Nabbing New Clients

Successful coaching is driving to stretch your client beyond her comfort levels to help her achieve her goals and then instead of stopping and resting on her heals, you get her to set new stretch goals so she can move into a place of real power where she can have a real impact on her family, business and professional life, shift her finances to create enough wealth to support her long-term visions, and get started on how she plans to give back once she has arrived at a plateau in her life.

Now nabbing new clients is one way to continue to grow your business, but it’s far less expensive to keep a client and extend your services once you’ve nabbed them and worked hard to over serve them through successful coaching.

This is important for your coaching practice because by keeping your clients beyond their initial six months contract, you smooth out your cash flow and move your service from basic coaching into comprehensive lifestyle coaching that addresses all aspects of your client’s personal and professional life.

That is longer client relationships mean you move from being a hunter to becoming a farmer who plants and grows his crops without having to worry about the next find and kill.

The Key Steps to Successful Coaching That’ll Engage Your Clients Long-Term

The way you can keep your coaching client longer than six months is by you helping her see the possibilities of how she can be more and more fulfilling and richer by expanding her thinking in terms of how and where she contributes and to whom she makes her contributions.

Six Success Coaching Steps:

Help your client set stretch goals and become successful by knowing what is truly important for her to achieve in her personal and professional life.

Never step over any accountability concerns you have with your client because that lets her know regularly how much value she gets from you by keeping her on track and aware of how she’s being out of integrity and how that impacts her negatively in so many ways.

Stay on the look out for successful coaching opportunities that are available for your client that she may not see or recognize as a breakthrough, and then get her to set goals to take advantage of her opportunities. Now do the same for pending dangers that she may not see in front of her.

Push your client to set goals that lead her to a balanced life that helps her expand and deepen her relationships and overcome any family challenges or health concerns she faces.

Eradicate any limiting beliefs through successful coaching that get in your client’s way so she keeps rising up the success ladder and enjoy the significance and certainty that comes from achieving her goals.

Impress upon your client that you and she are a team, and that team is what’s producing the results she values.

What if My Clients Don’t Appreciate My Coaching Value?

You can take all of the steps above and your client still may not associate you with the success she has had since you came into her life.

That’s not her problem. It’s yours, and that’s because you need to discover how to impress on your client that you are in charge of her success by always asking her the value that she receives from your coaching every time you have a successful coaching session with her.

If your client struggles with sharing the value with you that you gave her in a coaching session, you’ve got to slice through that wall that separates you and your client.

If you can’t get your client to see your value each time you coach her, then at the end of your contract, she won’t see any reason to extend your contract and keep you onboard.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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  1. Steve Nicholas says

    Great post! You are so right about the need to retain rather than recruit. I know that in the business world, I have read over and over that it is a lot easier to do business if you keep current customers/clients happy than constantly looking for new ones. Unfortunately, so many want the ego boost that comes with saying that they are a top recruiter, but if you have to keep recruiting just to stay where you are, that means that you aren’t building the residual income you need.

  2. says

    Great article! I couldn’t agree more with the previous post. This business is more than recruiting and products. Its about building people! As Mike Dillard would say, learn to become the hunted instead of being the hunter! Build your clients and the business will follow! Build your leaders and the business will grow! The more people you help get what they want in life, the more you will get!

  3. Loren says

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for sharing your list of valuable steps for successful coaching. Just as in any business, it’s most important to provide the greatest service that guides the client or customer to produce positive results and attain their goals and dreams. It’s also an optimum way to retain customers.

  4. marquita herald says

    I agree, you’ve provided some terrific advice here Jeffrey. In any business I know of there is not only high value in customer retention (not to mention their referrals), it makes the work more fun when you are building a community around the business.

  5. says

    this was a tremendous find. This article presents unlimited value not only to coaching but all areas of one being developed with a team concept. No one can accomplish much alone. This just edifies that belief of together everything is accomplished.

    You have opened my eyes to a new path of helping more people with identifying coaching as the source of growth in all our relationships. One must have some sort of support pushing them along the way, to the end result of each goal being accomplish.

    Jeffrey, this is just proof of your passion to present your readers with only the top articles to support coaching as being a venue to success as you determined.

    I look forward to when you write your next amazing article on this passion of yours. May I say a lifestyle. Thank you for sharing.

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