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The human body is an amazing machine. We’re actually made to renew ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually on a regular basis. If we neglect the renewal part for too long, then stress can become destructive instead of helpful causing your energy to be drained and we’re not as successful as we could be.

Below are some stress coaching tips that you can use with your clients or even use on yourself. When using these stress coaching tips it should plug up your energy drainers and once this happens you can expect greater success, improved relationships and better health.

14 Top Tips For Renewal From Stress Coaching

1. Have a good belly laugh
Studies have shown that laughter is a great stress reliever. Read some jokes or watch a short funny video on YouTube.

2. Taking a hot bath/shower
The warm water actually relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

3. Away from thinking
Spend some time doing or thinking about something totally unrelated to anything.

4. Set your priorities
Write down your to-do list in order of priority. Then go through each task, duty and obligation and ask yourself, “Is this really a priority for me or someone else’s expectation?”

5. De-clutter
People seldom realize what an energy drainer and stress causer clutter is. Get your surroundings in order.

6. Listen to uplifting music
Music is a great mood trigger. So be sure to play something you associate with good memories or that is upbeat, motivating and inspiring.

7. Detoxification
Cut down on caffeine and sugar or go a step further and do a genuine detoxification program. It will improve your energy level and overall well-being.

8. Sleep more
Research has shown that most people need more sleep and that sleep can reduce stress as it gives our body time to renew itself. Even a nap can help if you have the luxury of being able to do so.

9. Write it down
The more fully and frequently you download what’s on your mind, new ideas, undone tasks, to-do’s, concerns, the less energy you’ll squander in fruitlessly thinking about it over and over.

10. Deep breathing
Take slow deep breaths, breathing in to your stomach, not your chest. This calms the body.

11. Get physical
Exercise more. Schedule in some vigorous exercise into your week, but also just get up and move around during your daily routine.

12. Nature
Nature is a potent stress reducer. The sound of moving water has been shown to lower blood pressure. Spend mort time out side and/or get a small water fountain for your work space.

13. Show gratitude
Having a happy heart is good medicine and one of the best ways to achieve it is by giving thanks. Make it part of your daily ritual to say five things you’re thankful for as well as appreciating others.

14. Meditate or pray
Sit down and try to clear your mind of thoughts, detach yourself from the hectic pace of the day, get alone and get quiet, put all other thoughts aside and listen to your heart.

The above basic stress coaching tips, can help relieve some stress. But if you or your clients are still struggling with major stress and it is not one of your coaching expertise there are more in-depth techniques that can be used. Contact or study the writings of a stress coach for more detailed instruction.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
Writing team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. says

    Hi Dana,

    Thanks for sharing these 14 great tips for stress reduction and renewal.

    Laughter really is the best medicine and I’m happy to see that as #1 on the list.
    I have utilized just about all of the techniques that you have on your list and they certainly do reduce stress.

    Two other techniques that have worked for me during times of stress are also to make sure that you are eating healthy and try to eliminate all the negative talk and negative people and replace that with positive self talk.

    Keep providing us with this great information,

  2. says

    Hello Dana

    Life is not a reservoir, but a channel and getting rid of the accumulated hindrances that block the flow of power is important in the renewal process. You have listed 14 excellent tips to achieve renewal. Number 14 is the foundation to the renewal process. Detaching from the hectic pace will open up the flow up power. When we do tip #14 we should listen, learn and obey the message that we receive.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

  3. says

    Hi Dana,

    This is a great list for de-stressing. One of my favorites is decluttering. When you declutter, it is an incredible feeling. Declutter not only means housecleaning, or cleaning your office or email box. It goes beyond to the mental decluttering. It can include toxic relationships, people who argue/gossip, the chatterbox in your head, tolerations, punishment, rules or beliefs that you got from someone else that don’t support you, limiting beliefs, rush & hurry, newspapers, late night TV, need for approval, regret, fear, guilt, delay, things that require maintenance, obligations or past commitment’s, unmet or ego driven goals, and meaning behind all your stories from the past.

    The rest on your list are all very important and practical ways to reduce stress. Thank you!

    Raena Lynn

  4. says

    Personal coaching is focused one-on-one coaching tailored specially over a clients most important targets, interests, pitfalls and wants. Coaching follows a traditional program but customized to each and every individual client. Because the coach is dealing one-on-one on the client, personal coaching periods are additional centered and tailored for each client when compared to community coaching sessions with numerous clients. An important principle in coaching is that clients are ultimately responsible for his or her actions and doing the jobs to achieve the results they wish. The coach serves like a facilitator, supporter, or guide, but doesn’t “do the job” with the client.

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