How To Be Discovered As A Life Coach Online?

I find this a mystery and a question I spend a lot of time contemplating, not only how to get found myself as a life coach online but how to find other coaches online. I know there are a lot of great life coaches and other types of coaches out there in cyber space, but how in the world do you find them online?

Getting Found As A Life Coach Online

? SEO, meta tags, back linking: I understand these are major ways to be discovered by Google, but I’m not going to be much help to you on this, as this goes beyond my expertise. Find yourself a SEO wizard who can help you with this.

  • Google Ads: This is a great way to be found. If you have enough money to get one of those ads that puts you at the top of the Google page, then that’s perfect. If not, at least invest in some sort of advertizing, such as pay per click. It does cost a bit, but you get exposure to a lot of people who may otherwise not see you. There are articles on line to explain how to do it the cheapest way.
  • Directories: I posted something on using directories a while back called “Life Coach Online Directories That Get You Clients”. I have found that sites that get a lot of traffic usually will have your name up on the first or second pages of Google search. The only drawback is that the keyword to find you is your name, not your coach business or by using the words life coach.
  • Social media: A Facebook business page, Twitter and/or Linkedin account, as well as other social media sites, all show up on the pages one through three of Google. I know we all want to be on the first page of Google near the top but don’t despise small beginnings of an online presence. You can always build from there.
  • Write Articles: Writing on your blog and writing for other people’s blogs all shows up on the Google listing as well.

Needle In a Haystack—Finding Life Coaches Online

Here’s a little life coach online trivia. Just for fun I tried to find some unique and little known life coaches by using the key word search method to see how easy it would be.

I found it very difficult to find a simple life coach for hire but was directed to schools or training programs for coaches. I had to use a modifying word, and in this case I used ‘horses’ just for fun.

I was shocked to find there were ten different coach sites that specialize in that niche on page one of Google. As much as I think this would be my perfect fit for a life coach, because of my love for horses, I have no idea how I would have ever known about them or found them. It was a total accident that I stumbled upon them.

The point is, it is like finding a needle in a haystack to be found as a life coach online. However, take heart, there must be a way. It’s important to the life of my business, so as I continue my search as to how to be found online I’ll share my findings. In the mean time, if you have any good tips or ideas on this topic please share them in the comment box below.

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  1. Loren says

    Hi Jeffrey,

    This is such a useful article. Using modifiers with a keyword is a great tactic for finding a business name that will provide a better chance of higher rankings with the search engines. It’s great when you can beat out the competition with wise choices of keywords. Your list for getting found as a Life Coach and for building traffic through enhancing search engine optimization, Google ads, posting articles in directories, social media and blogging are all super strategies and can be applied to any profession. You’ve shown us how to use smart tactics for increasing traffic to our websites.

  2. Sandrine says

    Posted on my FB page & thought of you. How was NM? Let’s have a girls night soon. Xo or afternoon playdate. Tuesdays work.

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