How to be the Money Coach or Wealth Coach That Gets Their Clients Wealthy

Protecting and growing your client’s assets is a big part of being a money coach or wealth coach.  As your client’s money coach, you need to help them develop their most valuable asset.  What is your wealth coach client’s most valuable asset?  Is it their bank account, home or another investment?  No. Your Money Coach or Personal Wealth Coaching Client’s Most Valuable Asset is Their Earning Ability Your client’s most valuable asset is their earning ability.  Your money coach client’s ability to … [Read more...]

Business Coaching to Help Your Personal Business Coach Clients Stay Flexible When Dealing With Tough Problems

In business coaching, your personal business coach clients will have many challenges.  Problems are normal, natural parts of business.  As a personal business coach, help your clients separate fact from fiction.  A fact is something that is fixed and not changeable.  A problem or challenge is something that can be solved.  You can do something about it.  In order to make a change your business coaching client needs to stay flexible.  Here are some ways to help them do so. Business Coaching:  … [Read more...]

Personal Growth Coaching to Get Your Life Coaching Client to be More Concerned About What’s Right Than Who’s Right

In life coaching and personal growth coaching, your client’s will generally resist getting out of their comfort zone.  Because of fear of failure, the majority of your personal growth coaching clients will resist change.  The law of inertia states “a body in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”  This outside force needs to be your life coaching. Personal Growth Coaching:  Your Life Coaching Clients Hate to be Wrong . People need personal growth coaching … [Read more...]

Anti-Procrastination Coaching Tips: Coaching Strategy to Get Your Clients to Move Forward

on procrastination are a dime a dozen, but this coaching strategy is the most powerful I’ve seen. There are a lot of reasons why people procrastinate; most are because people are getting their needs met at some level by staying where they are. For many, fear is on the other side of procrastination. Coaching tips to get them past their fear are often helpful. Helping clients to see that moving forward is the only way to get their needs met at a higher level is another great coaching strategy. The … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips to Increase Productivity: A Coaching Strategy to Conquer the Biggest Productivity Drain of All

Of all the coaching tips I’ve heard lately, this one tops them all. The reason is that the biggest productivity drain is email. It can keep you busy for hours, and at the end of that time you are no closer to your goals. What’s the coaching strategy to master this monster? It’s about realizing that most of us are addicted to email. These coaching tips will help you control the urge to check your email and help you spend the time you need to on what matters most. Thomas Edison said, "Your success … [Read more...]

Online Coaching Tools: Online Personal Coach Tips To Get More Clients

One of the best combinations of online coaching tools to get clients is to use Google Ads to drive traffic to your opt-in page. Then you will have an audience to start building relationships with people. People won’t look at your ad for an online personal coach; but they want information. The way to get people to want your online coaching is to dangle information in front of them. These online personal coach tips will help you navigate your way through the internet. Online Personal Coach Tips … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tips: What is Spring Cleaning in the Life Success Coaching Closet?

Spring is here, and it’s time to start cleaning out your life coaching closet.  Can you believe that we’re approaching the second quarter?  Where are you in regard to your life success coaching business goals?  Are you at least 25% of the way there?  Have you been celebrating the wins you’ve already achieved in your life coaching business?  It may be time for a life success coaching clean up. What Strategies Are Working In Your Life Success Coaching Practice . Life Success Coaching Tip #1:  … [Read more...]

Leadership Training and Coaching: Helping Your Leadership Coaching Client Develop Leadership Qualities

In your leadership coaching practice, how do you know what leadership training and coaching is best for your client?  The obvious answer would be to duplicate the leadership coaching that top leaders have received.  The problem with that is that leadership training and coaching is not the same as other skills.  It is different because your client cannot take a weekend course in leadership, get a certification, and suddenly people follow your client much more than before. Leadership Training and … [Read more...]

Become a Coach: How to Become a Life Coach That Conquers Your Weaknesses

How do you become a coach or become a life coach that conquers your weaknesses?  The first step is to become a life coach that recognizes you have weaknesses.  When you become a coach, you won’t automatically be good at everything.  You will discover that you lack specific knowledge, skill and talents you need to succeed.  What kind of weaknesses are we talking about? Become a Coach:  What Skills Most Coaches Don’t Have When They Choose to Become a Life Coach When you become a life coach, you … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching: How To Give Your Life Coaching Client An Attitude Adjustment From Failure To Success

Your life coaching (life success coaching) client may have heard people talk about someone else needing an “attitude adjustment” at some point in their life. Your life coaching client may even have heard the popular personal development phrase, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” However, your life success coaching client probably doesn’t think of himself or herself as needing an “attitude adjustment,” so your life coaching may have its work cut out for it. Life Success Coaching: Change … [Read more...]