Coaching to Avoid “NO” in Discovery Sessions?

Coaching to Avoid “NO” in Discovery Sessions?

What’s the most difficult part of enrolling new coaching clients? For most coaches, it’s getting a “No”. “No” means rejection. “No” means no new coaching client. “No” means stagnant coaching income. But sometimes “No” is the best answer for your client. Maybe coaching isn’t right for them…… ...or ever! What if you knew if “no” was the right answer for your client… ...even before they do? Would you feel differently about “no”...? Imagine that you knew it … [Read more...]

Strike It Rich Today with This Coaching Strategy

Here is a coaching strategy that you can use, even in these hard times, to strike it rich. Yes, rich. There are three components to this approach: consulting, coaching and value-based equity sharing. So how can these three elements come together to make you rich even today? Partially because these are difficult days. Partially because these days have gone on as long as they already have. Now This Approach Is a little Different. Before we get too far into this, let’s define a few terms so we … [Read more...]

Coaching Strategy To Use When You’re In Over your Head

Have you ever had a coaching session where you felt that your coaching strategy was inadequate to deal with your client's problem? It probably happens to every coach sometime in his early days of coaching. Maybe your client has an addiction problem, or maybe she is depressed over a marriage that is falling apart. Whatever the specifics, you are suddenly confronted with a client whose problem feels way out of your comfort zone. How do you manage? What strategy do you use? Manage Your Own … [Read more...]

Pain And Pleasure as a Coaching Strategy

There is really only one coaching strategy that works to motivate clients to change. That strategy is the use of pain and pleasure. Now hang on. Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not talking about whips and chains here. I'm talking about psychology and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Why Pain And Pleasure? Psychology tells us that the only reasons people change in any significant way are to avoid pain and to seek pleasure. In NLP terms, you will hear the motivations described as moving away … [Read more...]

A Quick And Easy Coaching Strategy To Create Goals For 2011

The best coaching strategy for creating goals to make sure they are S.M.A.R.T. That is Specific, Measureable, Ambitious, have a Reason and a Time. Each component of this strategy is essential to creating a foundation for a great coaching relationship. Unless you understand your clients’ goals at this level, you will be powerless in helping them realize their dreams. A One-Size Fits All Coaching Strategy This coaching strategy is great for everyone because few people have this level of clarity … [Read more...]

Coaching Strategy When You’re Clients’ Say They’re ‘Fried’

Before you can implement this coaching strategy you really have to understand what your clients mean when they say they’re ‘fried.’ It’s a metaphor. Imagine that your coaching clients are sizzling in a frying pan, when suddenly they start getting burned. They run out of fuel, get dried up, and nothing is left. If you look for a strategy to help them get through the symptoms of being burnt out, you will be missing the boat. The REAL Problem Is Not That They Are Burnt Out The real issue is that … [Read more...]

A Coaching Strategy For Achieving Excellence Effortlessly

Finding a coaching strategy to empower people to achieve excellence is a lofty enough goal. But what would it be like if you could find a strategy that would allow your coaching clients to achieve excellence effortlessly? That is the magic bullet that everyone wants these days. The Problem Lies Within The Solution Everyone wants more of something. More love, more results, more money. Most of the time what people want is really what they think achieving that goal will bring them. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]

Will Your Coaching Strategy Allow You To Survive Coming Financial Storms?

Winter is coming, and only the coaches with the best coaching strategy will survive. We are just transitioning into a new season, a new economy. The past 20 years has been the financial equivalent of fall. We’ve been enjoying the benefits of the harvest. We have been consuming like crazy over the past 10 years. In winter, however, there is less to consume. If you keep consuming at the rate you have been, you won’t survive. If you are like most people, you’ll feel you won’t survive and will stop … [Read more...]

Coaching Strategy And All That Jazz

Listening last night to a recording of Django Reinhart and the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, I was struck by how many correlations there are between great jazz and great coaching strategy. Just as jazz played by a great musician is shaped by the unique interpretation and skills of the musician, coaching by a great coach is shaped by the unique personality and skills of the coach. In both realms, interaction, collaboration and improvisation play major roles. It takes two to tango–coach and … [Read more...]

The Impossible Becomes Possible With A 5 Step Coaching Strategy

  In their musical version of Cinderella, Rodgers and Hammerstein talked about the workings of the law of attraction even before anyone had heard of it, but they totally ignored a coaching strategy to make Cinderella’s dreams come true! Here are their thoughts in the lyrics of the song “Impossible”: But the world is full of zanies and fools Who don’t believe in sensible rules And won’t believe what sensible people say And because these daft and dewy-eyed dopes keep building up … [Read more...]