Leadership Training and Coaching: Helping Your Leadership Coaching Client Develop Leadership Qualities

In your leadership coaching practice, how do you know what leadership training and coaching is best for your client?  The obvious answer would be to duplicate the leadership coaching that top leaders have received.  The problem with that is that leadership training and coaching is not the same as other skills.  It is different because your client cannot take a weekend course in leadership, get a certification, and suddenly people follow your client much more than before.

Leadership Training and Coaching:  Leadership Coaching Your Client to Become a Team Player


I recently read about a Stanford University study where researchers studied the most successful executives in every industry.  The study revealed that top executives had two dominant qualities they shared.  The first was to function well as a member of a team.  When these executives started out, they were great team players that made valuable contributions to the teams they were on.  So does that mean that your leadership training and coaching is about turning your leadership coaching clients into order takers?  No.  Here is the key point, as these executives were promoted they were consistently able to bring together winning teams of talented people.  Not only that; they were able to organize them to accomplish important goals and get results.

Leadership Training and Coaching:  Have Your Leadership Coaching Client Seek Out REAL Crisis as Often as Possible


The most important qualities top leaders had, was the ability to function well in a crisis.  The best leadership training coaching possible is to have your client deal with crisis effectively and frequently.  You see, teamwork can be taught in seminars.  The ability to function effectively in a crisis cannot be taught.  The ability to deal with a crisis can only be learned and used in a real crisis.  The crisis needs to be some problem or setback that potentially could cause major damage of some kind.  During these crises, your leadership coaching client will rise to the challenge and save the day.  That is the leadership training and coaching that the weak shy away from; but true leaders actively pursue to make a difference in the world.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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    Thank you for the ideas Jeffrey. I’ve found that effective leadership is often about the ability to coach employees to succeed; not the sports model where you try to motivate people from the outside but the type of coaching that helps people succeed from within. Skilled leaders coach employees to motivate themselves to perform better in the workplace.

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