Life Success Coaching: How To Give Your Life Coaching Client An Attitude Adjustment From Failure To Success

Your life coaching (life success coaching) client may have heard people talk about someone else needing an “attitude adjustment” at some point in their life. Your life coaching client may even have heard the popular personal development phrase, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” However, your life success coaching client probably doesn’t think of himself or herself as needing an “attitude adjustment,” so your life coaching may have its work cut out for it.

Life Success Coaching: Change Your Life Coaching Clients Language And You Will Change Their Results

The way your life coaching client thinks about problems determines their attitude. Their attitude determines their success. So how do you help your life success coaching clients to change their attitude for the better? You can use three words to change your client’s attitude and approach to any problem they will face. First, have them change the word “problem” to the word “situation.” “Problem” is a negative word that creates fear, anxiety and stress. “Situation” is a generally neutral word. Instead of your life success coaching client saying, “I have a problem,” they should say, “I have a situation,” to give themselves the best mindset for finding solutions.

An alternative to having your life success coaching or life coaching client say “situation,” is to have them say “challenge” instead. Challenge is a positive word. It makes someone feel like they will rise to the challenge. It opens up the way for your client to bring out the best in themselves or others. Challenges make life exciting and by rising to them your client will achieve greater levels of success. Another word they can use is “opportunity.” Instead of saying “I have a problem” your client can say, “I have a new opportunity.”

Life Success Coaching: Help Your Life Coaching Client To Find The Benefit

Your life success coaching client needs to find the benefit in the situation in order to handle it in a successful way. Help them learn to look for the good in every situation. The attitude of looking for the advantage or benefit of any situation is the way the most successful people in the world think. In helping your life coaching client to develop this attitude, you have given them the attitude necessary to attract success in life.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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