3 Keys To Life Success Coaching For Procrastinators

Procrastination is often an issue during life success coaching. A client may come into coaching because she is unhappy with the level of success she is achieving. Or maybe, her life isn't as fulfilling as she would like. Perhaps she has a plan for a business she wants to start or a weight loss goal that she just can't seem to get off the ground. Procrastination is often to blame and may be the “presenting complaint”, as they say in the medical profession. Procrastination Can Be Related To … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching: Changing A Negative Identity

To be successful long term, life success coaching involves identifying your client's limiting beliefs early on in your work with her. Of course, that is only the first step. Once the two of you have gotten very clear on her goals and on the beliefs that are getting in her way, you want to help her find and take on better, more empowering beliefs. When the limiting beliefs include an identity belief—one that starts “I am.....”, the challenge of making that shift becomes even more dramatic. As a … [Read more...]

10 Benefits Of Goal Setting For life Success Coaching

Life Success Coaching needs goals to make your client happy. Without setting specific goals, you won't know whether you are headed towards what your client wants, and neither will you be able to tell when you've reached the end point of that particular journey. The need for goal setting in coaching and in life is absolute, and here are 10 reasons why. The 2 Benefits That Make Goal Setting Critical For Life Success Coaching You've probably heard that life success coaching goals, in fact all … [Read more...]

Is Exotic Travel A Model For Life Success Coaching?

It isn't immediately obvious what life success coaching and exotic travel have in common. But really, take my word for it, they do have some commonalities. I've done quite a lot of both, so here is my take on 3 approaches to increase the success and pleasure of these 2 very different life activities. Life Success Coaching Works Best With Full Immersion When I traveled to Bali years ago, I stayed in a type of hotel called a homestay. It was a modest hotel with an entirely Indonesian clientele, … [Read more...]

Are Distractions Sabotaging Your Life Success Coaching?

Life success coaching is about making life work for your client. But before you can claim to be an expert at helping your client to achieve success, you must be energetically aligned with success in your own life. Are you succeeding at the level you want? If you are, fantastic. High five, and carry on. But if you aren't, it's worth looking at what distractions might be keeping you from that alignment. What distractions are saboteurs of your success and your coaching integrity? Evaluate Your … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching: Getting Your Clients to Make Better Choices

The secret in life success coaching your clients is to get them to make better choices than they did before you came along.  Unfortunately, many clients try to take action in areas that they do not control which tends to cause frustration or even a bit of depression.  In other words, they know what to do but choose not to do it.  Your clients will use words like “should have” or “ought to have” done something. Life Success Coaching: Your Client’s Often Need a Triggering Event to Get … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching Your Life Coaching Clients to Become Risk Takers

Life success coaching your life coaching clients to become risk takers isn’t easy.  It is human nature to be safe.  Naturally, your life coaching clients will feel no differently.  Nobody wants to take unnecessary risks.  That being said, one reason your life success coaching client hasn’t created the results they want in their life is they haven’t taken enough risks.  The future belongs to the risk takers, not the security seekers. Life Success Coaching:  Help Your Life Coaching Client Switch … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching: Help Your Success Coaching Client Use Fear to Their Benefit

In your life success coaching or success coaching practice, you can use your client’s fears to benefit them.  How can you do that?  If your life success coaching client has a fear of not having enough money they could react to prevent it.  Your client could work longer and harder than most people.  They could be more determined and driven then everybody else.  Your success coaching client could educate themselves about various ways to invest money.  In this way your client could use fear of not … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching so Your Life Coaching Client Avoids Shortcuts That Don’t Work

Life success coaching or life coaching is all about helping your clients maximize their success.  The greatest enemy to your life success coaching client reaching their goals is the path of least resistance. Most people go through their entire life looking for the easy way and that is why they never get there.  Your life coaching client will have a tendency to be like water flowing down a mountain stream.  They are going to have a tendency to look for the easy way to get something done without … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tips: What is Spring Cleaning in the Life Success Coaching Closet?

Spring is here, and it’s time to start cleaning out your life coaching closet.  Can you believe that we’re approaching the second quarter?  Where are you in regard to your life success coaching business goals?  Are you at least 25% of the way there?  Have you been celebrating the wins you’ve already achieved in your life coaching business?  It may be time for a life success coaching clean up. What Strategies Are Working In Your Life Success Coaching Practice . Life Success Coaching Tip #1:  … [Read more...]