How to be the Money Coach or Wealth Coach That Gets Their Clients Wealthy

Protecting and growing your client’s assets is a big part of being a money coach or wealth coach.  As your client’s money coach, you need to help them develop their most valuable asset.  What is your wealth coach client’s most valuable asset?  Is it their bank account, home or another investment?  No.

Your Money Coach or Personal Wealth Coaching Client’s Most Valuable Asset is Their Earning Ability

Your client’s most valuable asset is their earning ability.  Your money coach client’s ability to earn money is the most precious and perishable asset they have.  It has taken your personal wealth coaching client their entire life to develop their earning ability to where it is today.  Your money coach client’s earning ability is a combination of their skills, knowledge, experience, education, background, personality, character, self-discipline, courage and tenacity.  Your wealth coach client could lose their house, car or investments.  If that happened, you client could still use their earning ability to get it all back again.

Personal Wealth Coaching For Your Money Coach Client to Grow Their Intangible Assets

Your money coach client’s earning ability is invisible, but like the wind on a summer day, that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  Your wealth coach client’s earning ability can be an appreciating asset or a depreciating asset.  This increase or decrease in earning ability is completely in your client’s control.  When they dedicate themselves to lifelong learning.  To increase their skills and ability and add value to others and their marketplace, their earning ability will increase, constantly.  Your client will be paid more because they will be worth more.  By increasing your money coach clients earning ability you will increase the value of your contribution to the world.  When you do that, your client will be on the path to wealth and will make the world a better place while doing it.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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