Personal Growth Coaching to Get Your Life Coaching Client to be More Concerned About What’s Right Than Who’s Right

In life coaching and personal growth coaching, your client’s will generally resist getting out of their comfort zone.  Because of fear of failure, the majority of your personal growth coaching clients will resist change.  The law of inertia states “a body in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”  This outside force needs to be your life coaching.

Personal Growth Coaching:  Your Life Coaching Clients Hate to be Wrong


People need personal growth coaching because they tend to keep doing the same things day after day and year after year simply because they are comfortable doing them.  Another challenge is ego.  Most people hate to be wrong.  Even if it is clear they are wrong, they hate to admit it.  You life coaching clients will have the tendency to avoid admitting they made a mistake or they may blame it on someone else.  The challenge with that is we are all wrong a lot of the time, simply because things change so quickly around us.

Personal Growth Coaching Your Life Coaching Client to be More Flexible


Your personal growth coaching client must develop flexibility on the path to their goals and dreams.  They must be willing to accept your life coaching and feedback from the environment around them and make corrections.  They must be more concerned with what’s right than who’s right.

Your life coaching client may feel that admitting mistakes and changing direction is a sign of being weak or having no direction.  Your personal growth coaching needs to help them understand that change for a good reason is a sign of personal strength and courage.   Weak people attempt to cover up their mistakes.  Strong people admit them quickly and then make an adjustment.  Help your coaching client to be clear about what their goal is, but to be flexible about the process of achieving it.  If you are successful, you are a lot more likely to change their life forever.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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