How to break through your fears in your coaching business [3 simple steps]

In last week’s email (check it out HERE on Medium), I shared my dirty little secret about the lie I told myself... Which was really covering up my fears… What’s worse? My fear covered up what I needed to let go of so I could start making progress in my coaching business… Here’s what’s crazy… It only took me 3 simple steps to free myself from that fear and break through my mental block. Those 3 steps help peel away 3 ‘layers’ just like peeling an onion... Here’s how to … [Read more...]

Why You Should Not Become a Coach

Don't become a coach. That's right, coaching is not for you! Well, at least it's not for you if you enjoy a boring work day sitting in a cubicle, hiding from an overbearing boss, and typing up useless reports. Did you see the classic comedy movie, Office Space? The main characters hated their jobs as they slaved away for an unbearable boss, performed useless tasks, were crushed by boredom, and never received any recognition, reward, or share of the profits. If that looked good to you, … [Read more...]

Become a Coach There are many ways to become a coach. However, there are also many things you don't need to do in order to be a coach. Many people think they need a certification in order to become a coach, but, in reality, many places in the world don't even require this. Yes, a certification /multiple certifications look more credible, but, many people still feel inadequate as a coach WITH a certification. If you aren't good enough without … [Read more...]

How to Become a Personal Coach Includes Marketing!

Need an answer to the question: How to become a personal coach? There is the obvious answers – sign up for a coaching program, earn your coaching certificate, find ways to use your own life experiences in your coaching practice. You cannot become a personal coach without taking these steps, but there is one more step that needs to be taken before you can really call yourself a personal coach. Here is a zen koan for you – If a coach opens a coaching practice and no one is there to see it, is … [Read more...]

Must You Be Holy to Become a Spiritual Coach?

First, what does it mean to become a spiritual coach? Well, if humans are spiritual beings in physical bodies operating in a material world, and our coaching addresses the whole person then, to some extent, we are all spiritual coaches. Let’s take a closer look at this idea and then get back to that “holiness” business, in a minute. The Operation Was a Success, but the Patient Died Like it or not: if you want to be a successful coach you have to take care of the whole person. And again, like … [Read more...]

Here‘s how to Decide if You should Become a Coach

In a very real way, becoming a coach is a calling. I was a coach long before I completed my formal coaches training. Most successful coaches were. So Look for these clues to help you decide if you should become a coach. Do You Genuinely Want People to Become Their Very Best? To become a coach, you must genuinely care about people, but not in a “frou-frou” “touchy-feely” way. You have to be willing to get in your client’s face and not let them off the hook. You need to get them in a corner and … [Read more...]

Become A Coach Clients Flock To By Always Having This

If you had to pick one quality or virtue you must have when you become a coach, what would you pick? Would it be honesty? Compassion? Business savvy? Well, for me the one indispensable quality is integrity. Without it, the services of the most knowledgeable, compassionate guru coach in the world will just make you feel like you need to take a shower. So What Is Integrity Really? Integrity comes from the Latin word for wholeness or completeness. It has several meanings, including acting … [Read more...]

How To Become A Coach: Manufacturing Celebrity Status

To become a coach who rises to the top of the coaching pyramid fast and makes tons of money, you have to manufacture a celebrity status to thrust you into star like status. You’ve got to be willing and able to play the promotion game or you’ll end up in utter poverty and kicked to the curb like 90% of the lazy, losers out there who dare to call themselves a coach. What I’m coaching you on today is my 3 step formula for how to follow the Lady Gaga path to create your coaching practice … [Read more...]

The Pains And Pleasure Of Blogging When You Become A Coach: Part II

If you want to use the internet to get client leads when you become a coach, you need to have a blog and post on it regularly “come hell or high water.”  That is something I’ve learned as part of the blogging team for the JTS Advisors coaches training blog.  In a previous post, I wrote about some of the pleasures I’ve discovered as part of the team.  But it isn’t all fun and games when you take blogging as a serious daily responsibility.  So today you’ll hear about some of the pain involved in … [Read more...]

The Pains And Pleasures Of Blogging When You Become A Coach: Part I

If you want clients when you become a coach, daily blogging as part of an internet marketing plan is fast becoming a must.  So what is it like writing a blog?  The journey’s been rough but rewarding so far, definitely a mix of pain and pleasure for me!  Here are some of my musings on the pleasures of the blogging process...... Being On The Blogging Team At JTS Advisors The coaches training blog at JTS Advisors has been providing great content for several years, and I joined as a writer a few … [Read more...]