All Coaching is Personal Growth Coaching

Whether you are a life coach, a career coach, a business coach, a wellness coach, or any other type of coach, you are really in the personal growth coaching business. If you help people in any aspect of their lives – wealth, health, business, relationships, career – you are actually serving as a personal growth coach. Personal Growth is the Backbone of all Coaching Whatever your specialty or nice in the coaching world, you are there to help clients find joy, purpose, achievement, balance, … [Read more...]

Personal Growth Coaching to Help Your Life Coaching Client’s Deal With Their Fears

In personal growth coaching or life coaching, all your clients will have to deal with fear.  We all have fear.  Fear is a normal emotion and natural for your personal growth coaching client to have.  Fear in fact can be a positive thing because it can prevent us from harm.  But what causes fear? Personal Growth Coaching:  the More Your Life Coaching Client Knows, the Less They Fear One common cause of your personal growth coaching client’s fear is ignorance.  When your client has limited … [Read more...]

Personal Growth Coaching to Get Your Life Coaching Client to be More Concerned About What’s Right Than Who’s Right

In life coaching and personal growth coaching, your client’s will generally resist getting out of their comfort zone.  Because of fear of failure, the majority of your personal growth coaching clients will resist change.  The law of inertia states “a body in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”  This outside force needs to be your life coaching. Personal Growth Coaching:  Your Life Coaching Clients Hate to be Wrong . People need personal growth coaching … [Read more...]

Life Coaching 2010: Personal Growth Coaching Tips to Embrace the Future

With These Personal Growth Coaching Tips You Can Make 2010 Your Best Year Yet .How can you optimize your life coaching business for 2010?  What personal growth coaching lessons will you decide to embrace?  I hope that 2009 was a great year and that you are looking forward to another great year.  But what if you missed your mark?  Will you seek some personal growth coaching to help you transform yourself, or will you hang up your life coaching hat and give up?  Here are the top five tips to help … [Read more...]

Personal Growth Coaching: How To Get Your Life Coaching Clients To Achieve Their Goals

In life coaching and personal growth coaching, helping your clients achieve their goals is key to success. Most of the time your life coaching clients will not know how to get the results they want. In personal growth coaching, you will have to help your clients put goals in writing. Most people have never really set goals, let alone write them down. We will consider a couple of ways to influence your life coaching clients to write down their goals. Personal Growth Coaching: How To “Break The … [Read more...]