Coaching Tips to Increase Productivity: A Coaching Strategy to Conquer the Biggest Productivity Drain of All

Of all the coaching tips I’ve heard lately, this one tops them all. The reason is that the biggest productivity drain is email. It can keep you busy for hours, and at the end of that time you are no closer to your goals. What’s the coaching strategy to master this monster? It’s about realizing that most of us are addicted to email. These coaching tips will help you control the urge to check your email and help you spend the time you need to on what matters most. Thomas Edison said, “Your success is directly related to your ability to focus on one task.” What a great coaching strategy!

Coaching Tips for Keeping Email At Bay as Part of Your Coaching Strategy


One coaching strategy is to avoid looking at emails every day. Perhaps you want to skim your emails to look for anything urgent, but it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes for most of us. Most of the time the subject will tell us what it is, and even if it’s not urgent we still find ourselves drawn like moths to the candlelight. Your priorities are your goals. Use these coaching tips to stay focused.

Another coaching strategy is to use more than one email account. Separate your business mail from your personal mail. You may even have different email accounts for different parts of your business. These coaching tips can help you save valuable time you need to focus on your goals.

Use These Coaching Tips to Set Aside Time As Part of Your Coaching Strategy


The biggest challenge around email is that it is there waiting for you at anytime, day or night. Email can steal hours a day away from productive time. One coaching strategy to manage emails is to ask yourself how you would you like it if an employee used company time to check emails. It’s robbery, right? The same goes for your own business. If you take anything home from these coaching tips, it’s to make sure you set aside time for you to work on your goals. No coaching strategy or coaching tips will be more powerful than deciding on what you want, and committing your focused attention to achieving it. Guard your time with your life and don’t let it slip away into cyberspace.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. James says

    It’s funny I am always told at work that I should be reading my emails……
    I work in a manufacturing industry, delays are part of my game, I know that I could only fulfill my goals if I stick around the manufacturing process at the production floor. Reading e-mails, as you said could take so much of my time and won’t work for me because I will miss so much of the production process. I just read my mails at the end of the shift, anyway if there is something urgent I know they would give me a call. Thank you for the tips, I will consider having different accounts.

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