Become a Coach: How to Become a Life Coach That Conquers Your Weaknesses

How do you become a coach or become a life coach that conquers your weaknesses?  The first step is to become a life coach that recognizes you have weaknesses.  When you become a coach, you won’t automatically be good at everything.  You will discover that you lack specific knowledge, skill and talents you need to succeed.  What kind of weaknesses are we talking about?

Become a Coach:  What Skills Most Coaches Don’t Have When They Choose to Become a Life Coach

When you become a life coach, you may find that you are poor at time management or that you don’t have self-discipline.  You may not seem to be able to focus and apply yourself to your most important actions without getting distracted.  When you become a coach, you will likely feel overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time to do it.  You may have weaknesses in financial, marketing or selling skills. You may not know how to advertise effectively and attract clients.  You may not naturally have the ability to delegate to your staff or supervise them well enough to make sure they get their jobs done well.

Become a Coach:  Become a Life Coach That Never Stops Learning New Skills

The good news when you become a life coach is discovering that these are all skills you can learn.  The starting point of mastering these skills is for you to admit that you need them.  To become a coach that succeeds you must never allow yourself to be held back because you are missing a skill.  Instead, start developing that skill as a goal by getting a mentor, make a plan, and work on the skill every day until you have mastered it.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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