Becoming a Motivational Coach: Using What You Know from Your Life Coach Classes

Getting Results from Becoming a Motivational Coach After taking all those life coach classes, is there anything you can use on your path to becoming a motivational coach?  The biggest problem with motivation is that people are not focused on results.  Let’s face it; most people grow up looking for a pat on the back or avoiding pain (like a spanking or parental disapproval).  They are trained to just focus on activity, and not on getting results.  You can change that by becoming a motivational … [Read more...]

Mentor Skills: The Added Value You Can Provide by Completing Coaching Training Courses

The Difference Between Coaching Training and Mentor Skills There is a large overlap between coaching skills and mentor skills, and after taking most coaching training courses you should have at least some basic mentor skills.  One of the key differences between skills needed to coach and skills needed to mentor is experience, which gives the mentor credibility.  Experience is the one thing you need to become a mentor that you can’t get from coaching training.  Beyond a sincere interest in … [Read more...]

Become a Group Coach: Incorporate Different Techniques that Coaches Use to Get Great Results

Making the Decision to Become a Group Coach If you want to become a group coach, you can incorporate a lot of different techniques that coaches use and get amazing results.  Some people think if they become a group coach, they won’t be able to provide as much value to their clients as they are able to with one-on-one coaching.  But there are several different techniques that coaches use that actually work more powerfully in a group context. Different Techniques that Coaches Use in a Group … [Read more...]

Business Coaching: How to Speak with Confidence Immediately

.The Most Common Question: How to Speak with Confidence? The number one question that comes with becoming a coach who does business coaching is how to speak with confidence.  It might seem easier to coach someone who hasn’t experienced much success yet, because even though they can’t afford to pay you they are very appreciative.  Their appreciation makes you feel significant.  However, when you are doing business coaching with top executives and high performing entrepreneurs, they are used to … [Read more...]

Life Coach Tips for Enrolling Anyone into Coaching: Become a Life Coach Who Gets People to Say Yes to Coaching and Yes to Their own Goals

When You Become a Life Coach You'll Need Life Coach Tips on How to Enroll Anyone into Coaching With You Following these simple life coach tips will help you become a life coach who can enroll anyone into coaching.  The easiest way to start is by offering a free coaching session.  When you become a life coach who provides value and follows these simple life coach tips, you will be able to start filling your schedule with paying clients. One of The Simple Life Coach Tips Find Out What Are … [Read more...]

NLP Life Coaching Techniques: How to Become a Coach Who Transforms Someone’s Life Through a Story

There are many Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP life coaching techniques that provide effective ways how to become a coach who can transform someone within a single coaching session.  One of my favorite NLP life coaching techniques is using post-hypnotic suggestion in the form of a story.  You can become a coach who can transforms people’s lives not only during a session, but have impact that lasts over multiple situations and truly transforms who someone is using NLP life coaching … [Read more...]

Good Coaching Tips: How to Become a Life Coach?

How Do I Become a Life Coach?  What Are Some Good Coaching Tips?   When searching the internet to find the answer to “How do I become a life coach?” you will find thousands of coaching tips.  How do you wade through all these coaching tips?  How can there be so many different answers to the question, “How do I become a life coach?”  They can’t be all right.  For all the people searching for the answer to “How do I become a life coach?” most of them never get paid for a single coaching … [Read more...]

Coaching Without Training: What a Career Coach Does that You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Clients

Opportunities for Coaching Without Training: Career Coach There are those who think coaching without training is impossible, but there are some things you can do to start helping people even before you take your first coaches training. For example, what a career coach does is help people with time management. It’s of course not the only thing, because what a career coach does includes a whole array of coaching tools such as transformational tools, assessment tools, and strategy. But since we’re … [Read more...]

Become a Coach Who Makes a Difference in People’s Lives: Life Coaching Training on Becoming a Master over State of Mind

Life Coaching Training on How to Become a Coach & Extending Your Value If you really want to become a coach who makes a difference for people, you’re going to need to make sure you have the life coaching training to affect people even after your session has ended. If you really want to become a coach who is successful at managing your clients’ state of mind, you will need these 5 life coaching training steps. Life Coaching Training Steps to Become a Coach of Transformation: The … [Read more...]

How to Get Coaching Clients: Without Feeling Like You are Standing by The Side of The Road With a Sign That Says, “Life Coach for Hire”

Is there a trick to finding out how to get coaching clients, without feeling like you are desperately holding up a sign that says, “Life Coach for Hire”? What type of marketing is most effective? How do you get word out that you are a life coach for hire, but in a confident and eloquent manner? What’s the easiest way to learn how to get coaching clients? How to Get Coaching Clients: Going From "Life Coach for Hire" to "Life Coach Business" The most effective way to convey the … [Read more...]