How to Get Coaching Clients: Without Feeling Like You are Standing by The Side of The Road With a Sign That Says, “Life Coach for Hire”

Is there a trick to finding out how to get coaching clients, without feeling like you are desperately holding up a sign that says, “Life Coach for Hire”? What type of marketing is most effective? How do you get word out that you are a life coach for hire, but in a confident and eloquent manner? What’s the easiest way to learn how to get coaching clients?

How to Get Coaching Clients: Going From “Life Coach for Hire” to “Life Coach Business”

The most effective way to convey the value of coaching to someone who doesn’t know what coaching is really about is to give them a free coaching session. You might wonder how to get coaching clients from a free session, if they aren’t willing to pay for a session in the first place. Will they feel that it’s valuable if you have to give it away? Are people going to feel like they are doing you a favor because they felt sorry for you standing out in the rainy economy with a little sign that said, “Life Coach for Hire?”

This is The 3 Step “Life Coach for Hire” Process on How to Get Coaching Clients From a Free Session:

  1. Establish rapport. This is the foundation for how to get coaching clients. You’ve somehow got their attention, and let them know that you are a life coach for hire. But before you can make a difference for them, they have to trust you. People don’t usually want to hear anything negative about themselves. Unless you have established an environment of mutual respect, if you say something they don’t want to hear they’ll either get mad at you or just not listen.

  2. Cut through the baloney. How to get coaching clients is not to be like everyone else who wants something from them. You need to take a stand for being honest and direct. Be the one person in their life who cares enough about them to help them see what’s stopping them from living the life they want.

  3. Give them results. Once you’re found the problem, use any of the coaching techniques you’re learned and make an impact. Don’t hold anything back. Act as if this is the only time you will ever get to coach this person. Because unless you are able to provide a result so intense they can’t imagine how they will ever live their life without you, they won’t sign up for coaching. If you give your best, even if they don’t sign up for coaching you have make a positive impact on the world and shown them that you are not the average life coach for hire. And if you don’t, you’ve just wasted valuable time. This is how to get coaching clients in a powerful way.

Your Intent and Your State of Mind: Your Ultimate Tools as a Life Coach for Hire to Help You Learn How to Get Coaching Clients

It’s all in your state of mind. How to get coaching clients is to show up for your free coaching sessions with the intent to use everything in your power to change their lives. Then no matter what the outcome is, you can feel good about yourself as a coach and you will not be some average person with a life coach for hire sign.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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  1. Curtis Phelan says

    What shows true for me in this lesson is to play full out and hold nothing back as this will seperate you from the frauds out there and if nothing else they will remember you and refer you to others. Since I started being a coach again people that I never thought would be interested in Coaching are talking about me around town. If you are your passion others will be attracted to you. As Jim Rohn says “Success is Something You Attract by the Person You Become” “Success is Not Something You Pursue”. You Atttract Success by Becoming an Attractive Person”. WOW!

  2. Sundi D. Hayes says

    The points you make work for many industries with a service to provide. This systems works well with my virtual assistant services even. After doing everything in my power the second most important point I’ve found is the person I’ve just spoke with might not be one of my people but they know someone who is! At a minimum, a great call will bring about a great referral!

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