Becoming a Life Coach: Beyond Taking Life Coach Classes

Becoming a life coach and shopping for life coach classes is a lot like shopping for a diet. Have you ever heard an advertisement for a diet that says, “You just have to eat less, exercise more, and work consistently?” People want the magic bullet. Even at the risk of adverse side effects. Becoming a life coach is very similar. Have you ever seen advertisements for life coach classes that say, “Become a coach in 3 days!” The truth is that becoming a life coach is very similar. Taking life … [Read more...]

Becoming a Motivational Coach: Using What You Know from Your Life Coach Classes

Getting Results from Becoming a Motivational Coach After taking all those life coach classes, is there anything you can use on your path to becoming a motivational coach?  The biggest problem with motivation is that people are not focused on results.  Let’s face it; most people grow up looking for a pat on the back or avoiding pain (like a spanking or parental disapproval).  They are trained to just focus on activity, and not on getting results.  You can change that by becoming a motivational … [Read more...]