Becoming a Motivational Coach: Using What You Know from Your Life Coach Classes

Getting Results from Becoming a Motivational Coach

After taking all those life coach classes, is there anything you can use on your path to becoming a motivational coach?  The biggest problem with motivation is that people are not focused on results.  Let’s face it; most people grow up looking for a pat on the back or avoiding pain (like a spanking or parental disapproval).  They are trained to just focus on activity, and not on getting results.  You can change that by becoming a motivational coach, using the skills you’ve learned from life coach classes.

Using Life Coach Classes to Motivate Clients

How can you help people get results, even before you master all the information from the life coach classes you have already taken?  The key to becoming a motivational coach without taking on even more life coach classes is to teach people to use a results template.

Start by becoming motivational coach who has their clients list the results they want on the top of a sheet of paper, spreadsheet, or white board.  Just below each result, have them list the actions that will help them achieve the result.  They can also color code the actions that must be done, either by highlighting or using a different color.

Below the actions, you continue working with your clients by becoming a motivational coach who helps them identify the different roles they play when working on each result.  This works great with people who are entrepreneurs, who often wear many different hats to keep their businesses running.  Then below each role, using the skills from your life coach classes, help your clients identify the feelings they will have when they are working on their actions.  This will help them develop a greater sense of purpose.

Maximizing the Value of Life Coach Classes

By becoming a motivational coach who helps your clients focus on the purpose of the results, they become motivated at an even higher level.  Becoming a motivational coach doesn’t mean you have to fill a room full of people.  Teaching people to get off the treadmill of activity and helping them focus on results can be just as powerful.  The results will probably be even more sustainable than a weekend motivational retreat.  Plus, the additional good news is that you don’t necessarily need to take more life coach classes to get started.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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