What is a career coach?

What is a Career Coach?

How do you climb the corporate ladder or reach the next level in your career? A career coach can help you determine the answer.  A career coach helps you to navigate career questions and directions, by: helping you clarify the outcomes that you want in your careeroffering you insights that will enable you to better reach your goalssupporting you throughout your career journey, and even beyond.  0:41 A career coach helps people discover and get the outcomes that they want … [Read more...]

What A Career Coach Does: Part IV – Recommending a Career Strategy

This is the culmination of the first part of the Career Coaching process, where you analyze your client’s career path or strategy.  This is the meeting when you make your recommendations on career path and strategy to your client.  All the discussions you have been having, all the questions you asked and clarifications you got throughout this whole career exploration process so far, were the seeds of the conclusions you are going to share with your client.  You have been collecting data, … [Read more...]

What A Career Coach Does: Part III – Discussing Career Options

What a Career Coach Does: The Steps So Far1 In the last two days, you have read about what a Career Coach does in the first two steps to a satisfied coaching client in the career coaching process.  First, take a detailed career history.  Second, collect other information in a variety of ways to round out the picture of what your client envisions as her perfect career, what you intuit about her, her style, and her underlying needs and wishes, objective information about her behavioral comfort … [Read more...]

What A Career Coach Does: Part II: Career Diagnosis

In yesterday’s blog post, What a Career Coach Does: Four Steps to a Satisfied Client: Part I, you learned the process and value of first part of the Career Coaching process, the career history.  Using the medical analogy we started with yesterday, once you have a complete history, you move on to...... What a Career Coach Does: Step Two–Make a Diagnosis For a Career Coach, the diagnostic process ideally includes four types of input: the career history, your experience and intuition as a Coach, … [Read more...]

What A Career Coach Does: Four Steps To A Satisfied Client –Part I

What a Career Coach does is very much like what a good doctor does: take a history, make a diagnosis using facts, intuition and appropriate technology as needed, discuss options, and make recommendations for treatment. If we translate all those factors into the context of Career Coaching, you, the coach, are the doctor and master diagnostician, the patient is your coaching client, and the reason for the visit is a pain in the “ca-rear”. What a Career Coach Does: The Problem Just like when a … [Read more...]

Career Coaching: Would You Like To Know What A Career Coach Does?

Interested in starting a career coaching business but don’t know what a career coach does? A lot more people would be interested in starting a career coaching business if they knew what a career coach does. So many people don’t know what they want to do for a career. Because they don’t know what they want to do they stay where they are. By staying in a job that’s not for them they never achieve their career goals. Ironically, part of what a career coach does is to help people figure out what … [Read more...]

Coaching Without Training: What a Career Coach Does that You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Clients

Opportunities for Coaching Without Training: Career Coach There are those who think coaching without training is impossible, but there are some things you can do to start helping people even before you take your first coaches training. For example, what a career coach does is help people with time management. It’s of course not the only thing, because what a career coach does includes a whole array of coaching tools such as transformational tools, assessment tools, and strategy. But since we’re … [Read more...]