16 Rapport Building Tools for Coaches

How do you get a complete stranger to confide in you during a discovery session? One of my first discovery sessions was with an older man in failing health. We didn’t have much in common. But I still managed to create massive rapport with him
 ...which was essential to engage him in deep coaching. He shared his dreams and his challenges
 ...his deepest fears of inadequacy
 ...and by the end of the call, he was sobbing. The rapport we developed was essential for that … [Read more...]

Becoming a Motivational Coach: Using What You Know from Your Life Coach Classes

Getting Results from Becoming a Motivational Coach After taking all those life coach classes, is there anything you can use on your path to becoming a motivational coach?  The biggest problem with motivation is that people are not focused on results.  Let’s face it; most people grow up looking for a pat on the back or avoiding pain (like a spanking or parental disapproval).  They are trained to just focus on activity, and not on getting results.  You can change that by becoming a motivational … [Read more...]

How to Become a Motivational Coach Using 5 Advanced ‘Burnout Blaster’ Techniques

How To Provide Massive Coaching Value By Turning Your ‘Lost Soul’ Clients Into ‘Superstars’ By Using 5 Advanced ‘Burnout Blaster’ Techniques That Will Create A Shocking Recovery For Even Your ‘Worst’ Clients —  All In One Coaching Session Get the Flash Player to see this player. I got an comment on our coaches training video blog the other day from a coach asking me, "Jeff, I want to see some actual client cases and have you go through how you coach YOUR clients to such great … [Read more...]