Does Your Brand Tell People That You are a Life Coach for Hire?

Life Coach for Hire – sounds like a title of a film nori indie movie. But, this could be your brand, your logo – the saying that catches the eye of your target market and attracts new clients to your services. Get a New Domain Name for Your Coaching Business I just checked – the domain name is not currently up and running; seems to be available, also. Brand yourself with a new slogan or slogans. Life coach for hire – have certifications, will … [Read more...]

Hey! Depressed Tweeters, I’m a Life Coach For Hire

Yeah, I’m talking to you! If you are not familiar with the information I’m about to share then you have got to crawl out of that hole. We are two days into the New Year and it is time to step it up my fellow coaches. Share What You Know on Twitter With People Who Need to Know It Did you know you could type anything you want into the search engine on twitter and find out who is talking about exactly what you are searching for? This nifty trick is great for life coaches for hire. Are you … [Read more...]

How to Get Coaching Clients: Without Feeling Like You are Standing by The Side of The Road With a Sign That Says, “Life Coach for Hire”

Is there a trick to finding out how to get coaching clients, without feeling like you are desperately holding up a sign that says, “Life Coach for Hire”? What type of marketing is most effective? How do you get word out that you are a life coach for hire, but in a confident and eloquent manner? What’s the easiest way to learn how to get coaching clients? How to Get Coaching Clients: Going From "Life Coach for Hire" to "Life Coach Business" The most effective way to convey the … [Read more...]