How to Become a Life Coach and Never Have to Worry About Finding Coaching Jobs Again

How to Become a Life Coach Who is World Class If you really want to know how to become a life coach who is world class, then the answer is simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple. There are 3 things you must do if you want to become a coach who is in the top 5%. These coaches are at the top because they have done what most people won’t do, so they can be and have things most people can’t. This group isn't ever worried about finding coaching jobs because they've handled that part of their … [Read more...]

Think It’s Time to Get Your Life Coach Accreditation? The Enemy of All Rational Coaching Thought: Professional Coaching Certification

The Lie of Professional Coaching Certification .is a whole lot of BS.  Really.  We are coaches, and we're supposed to help people think outside the box, right? . Instead, we try to go and get our life coach accreditation... trying to get into a 'box' ourselves.  We have to get our professional coaching certification so we can fit into the great 'coaching guru's' definition of coaching, and then think that we are done with our coaching skills education.  Now all the coaching we're doing is … [Read more...]

To Become a Relationship Coach, Get Coach Training on What to do When Only One Partner Willing

How on earth are you supposed to become a relationship coach when only half of the relationship is willing to work with you? Not as tricky as you may think with a little coach training I learned from my friend Tony. Tony decided he wanted to have an aquarium. He had a stressful job and wanted to have a low maintenance pet. So he bought some equipment and a few fish. What does this have to do with how to become a relationship coach? Get the Flash Player to see this … [Read more...]

How Can I Become a Coach? Becoming a Life Coach on a Shoestring Budget

People Often Ask, “How Can I Become a Coach?” “What are the start up costs in becoming a life coach?” “How can I become a coach if I don’t have a lot of extra money?” Becoming a life coach and starting up your own practice doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. How You Can Start Becoming a Life Coach on a Shoe String Budget: Get a phone. If it’s a cell phone, use it to make your appointments and you can coach just about anywhere. Get a library card. It’s free, and as you … [Read more...]

NLP Life Coaching: Free Coaching Training to Change Your Clients Limiting Beliefs

NLP life coaching offers a lot of technology that can transform a client within a single coaching session. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) teaches the ability to have someone rewire their belief system in a way that breaks down self-limiting beliefs and replaces them with beliefs that empower. You can spend years improving your NLP life coaching skills, but there are some techniques that you can start implementing right away to help empower your clients. Here is some free coaching training to … [Read more...]

NLP Life Coaching: Tools to Help You Become a Coach who Helps Their Clients Get Lasting Results

Are there any NLP life coaching techniques to help you become a coach that helps your clients reinforce the new beliefs that they created, so they can create lasting change? Billy Mills used a very powerful NLP life coaching technique in 1964 when he won the 10,000 meters at the Tokyo Olympics...before the term NLP life coaching was ever coined. What the world saw as a huge surprise, Mills had been VISUALIZING for years. “I visualized it hundreds and hundreds of times per day in detail to the … [Read more...]

Can I Become a Coach if I Don’t Feel Like I Can Become a Mentor

Tell me… What does it take to become a mentor?   Can I become a coach before I have the experience and expertise to become a mentor?   To become a mentor requires knowledge.  A mentor is someone who has "been there, done that".  They are an expert (at least compared to the person they are mentoring).  Becoming a coach doesn’t necessarily mean you are an expert in a given area.  You just need skills and tools for breakthroughs, and of course accountability. Knowing this, let me ask you, can I … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Education & Keys to a Life Coach Career That I Learned from Monkeys in Peru

Would you be surprised if I told you that I got a better life coaching education about what it takes to have a powerful life coaching career from monkeys in Peru than from most coaches?  It's true.  Monkeys, no matter what you think about them, have a lot of life coaching education of offer about leadership and human behavior.  Whether you like it or not, we are PRIMATES and nothing will change that FACT. . Why Coaching Techniques Matter to Your Life Coach Career If you want a life coaching … [Read more...]

Stages in Your Quest to Become a Life Coach: Ready for the Next Level of Coaches Training?

There are 4 stages that you need to go through to become a life coach. . Each stage will require different coaches training to get you to the next level. The first stage to become a life coach: You’re INTERESTED. You think about coaching, check out some websites and blogs. You may even talk about wanting to become a coach or enroll in coaches training. But you don’t, because being interested alone never got anyone off their chair. The second stage to become a life coach is COMMITTED. Now you … [Read more...]

Become a Wellness coach: the Next Frontier for Coaching Jobs?

Is there a need for people who want to become a wellness coach? Are there potential coaching jobs out there? The wellness industry is a $500 billion industry and growing. And it’s just getting started. People are sick of being sick, and are looking for alternatives. Most people are not aware of all the choices they have available to them, and how even simple lifestyle choices can have a profound effect on the quality of their lives. And if you decide to become a wellness coach you can help … [Read more...]