Here’s a Life Coaching Business Plan: Take Your Own Medicine

I’ve got a great life coaching business plan for you: Take your own medicine, Coaches!

You know, walk your talk.

As a great coach, you know that when you mentor someone, you can change their life.

• A great teacher changes a student’s education plan.
• A great coach changes a player’s game plan.
• A great parent changes a child’s life plan.

What’s really funny… as a coach, you don’t take your own medicine. I don’t mean that you don’t get any coaching (if you’re an active coach, I’m sure you DO). I mean that you don’t get coaching in areas where you NEED coaching.

What’s your area? Where do you really NEED (not WANT) the coaching?

• Is it marketing?
• Is it time management?
• Or, is it accounting for you?

Whatever it is, you need to bring mentors (that will specifically help you in that area) in to your life coaching business plan.

Outstanding MENTORS Are The Key to Success

Great coaches are made, not born. No one is born a great coach. People are MENTORED into becoming great coaches, and having great coaching businesses. Coaches are MENTORED to build a fantastic life coaching business plan.

So, the reason you won’t do a great job coaching, or that you won’t get any clients, isn’t because you aren’t good enough, or just don’t have the ‘stuff’.

The only way you may not succeed in this business is if you go it alone.

People That Added MENTORS to Their Life Coaching Business Plan

Donald Trump (Real Estate – mentored by his father) —

Can you imagine how rich and real estate savvy Donald Trump would be without his father (a wealthy real estate developer based in New York City)?

Trump was strongly influenced by his father in his eventual goals to make a career in real estate development, and upon his graduation from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, Donald Trump joined his father’s company, The Trump Organization.


No, Trump wasn’t a real estate genius. He had a father that allowed him to stand on his shoulders.

Dave Thomas (Wendie’s – mentored by Colonel Sanders) —

Dave Thomas was a NOBODY before he met Colonel Sanders. Sanders gave him a TON of coaching. He even copied Sander’s ‘figurehead / mascot’ strategy to sell Wendy’s on those famous commercials.

Me (Robert Alderman – rated one of America’s top 25 coaches) —

I wouldn’t be anywhere without having been properly mentored by Robert Alderman. He got me started and pushed me to use the proper sales, marketing, and life coaching business plan to feed myself and keep clients coming in when I first started coaching. Later on, I found multi-millionaire internet marketers that still (to this day) help me with my internet strategy and technique.

If you want to be the Michael Jordan of coaching, you’d better find a Michael Jordan that’ll mentor you that knows the best coaching techniques. With the right mentor, with even less effort, you can produce 10x the results. I don’t want a mentor that’s had moderate success, I want someone truly outstanding in the coaching arena.

When you’re around those role models, the coaching greatness is going to rub off on your life coach’s business plans…

Leave me a comment sharing who has mentored you in your coaching business, and what area you really NEED (not WANT) coaching in.

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Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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    When I wanted to write a memoir, I contacted Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, internationally known life coach and author, to walk me through the process. Not only did I complete the first draft of my book in five months, I also started my website, which is a favorite blogging community for experts and individuals seeking addiction recovery.

    I believe 100% in being mentored! It is the shortest road between idea and implementation!

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    I can’t believe the number of bloggers and supposed SEO
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    Here’s a Life Coaching Business Plan: Take Your Own Medicine
    – The newest addition to my RSS feed!

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