Coach Training Techniques For Training Elite Coaches

After almost a decade of being a 'crash test dummy' for coach training techniques (not to mention, running my own coaches trainings), I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't work for training elite coaches. The best coaches aren't prodigies, born with elite coaching skills. The Best Coaches Are Trained With High Level Coach Training Techniques There are lots of coach trainings to choose from. Some of them are 'niched' for a particular type of coaching (like 'christian coaching' … [Read more...]

Coach Training Techniques – How to use Assessments to Become a Relationship Coach

To become relationship coach, you will need some powerful coach training techniques. About half of marriages will end in divorce. Second and third marriages have a higher rate… Statistics show that children who live in single parent families have a higher incidence of behavioral problems, likelihood of dropping out of school, drug or alcohol abuse problems, and risk for divorcing later in life. Of those couples who stay married, how many people are happy and fulfilled? And what cost is that to … [Read more...]