The Ultimate Goal of Every Fitness Coach

The ultimate goal of every fitness coach is to help their clients achieve a life of true balance. Or as the ancient Greeks would say: a sound mind in a sound body. This balanced approach is what sets fitness coaching apart from sports coaches and physical training. A Knowledge of Physiology and Nutrition Are Fundamental Obviously every fitness coach must have profound knowledge in the areas of human physiology, healthful practices and nutrition. Guided exercise and guided meditation, coupled … [Read more...]

Tell Me How To Become A Strength Coach

Please tell me how to become a strength coach. Well, there is a traditional route and then there is not so traditional route to follow. With either approach, the best way to learn how to become a strengthening coach is to simply start reading about different topics in this field. The strength of the coach is in his or her experience of how to apply the techniques of building strength to the client. How To Become A Strength Coach Takes Commitment Whether you learn how to become a strength … [Read more...]

How to Become a Fitness Coach When You’re Overweight

If you do strictly phone coaching, the answer to how to become a fitness coach when you’ve got a few extra pounds is easy. But what if you do face-to-face coaching? Or just have integrity around who you say you are? Then it’s not as easy to say you became a fitness coach after overcoming your own obstacles. How To Become a Fitness Coach Who Walks Your Talk If you have an extra 10 pounds or so around the middle, chances are that you have an issue with fitness at some level. Whatever that issue … [Read more...]

What Makes a Good Personal Fitness Coach?

Yesterday a client of mine asked me if I knew of a good personal fitness coach. Now, this is a personal topic for me, as a Coach and as a fitness junkie. Personal fitness coaches have a responsibility to up hold a higher standard of moral and ethical behavior. People trust these coaches to guide them to a healthier, fun filled and more fruitful life style. How Does a Personal Fitness Coach Get Results? First of all, a personal fitness coach emphasizes personal accountability. Without … [Read more...]

My Personal Weight Loss Coach Says I Have To Starve Myself

When I hear people say, “My personal weight loss coach says I have to starve myself to have a great body,” it makes my blood boil. If you are a weight loss coach who preaches this mis-information your personal clients are likely to get fatter instead of thinner. Your clients will live in a state of feeling deprived instead of feeling empowered. There Are No Short-Cuts To Success The basic laws of physics state that you must consume fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight. … [Read more...]

Lifestyle Changes Thanks to My Personal Fitness Coach

My personal fitness coach was covering weight loss, physical activity, exercise, nutrition and the importance of sleep. Wow, was it all so confusing at first. So much information, so many books and references, where was I going to get the clarity? What should I do? My mind was ready to explode. Many of you may be in a similar place in your life where you are uncomfortable or downright disappointed. I know I was, but that’s all over now that I found my personalized fitness coaching … [Read more...]

How to Be a Personal Weight Loss Coach or a Fitness Coach that Transforms their Client

As a personal weight loss coach, it is your goal to help your clients lose weight and keep it off. One of the things you learn as a fitness coach or a personal weight loss coach is how important your clients' thoughts are. How important are they to you as a fitness coach? For you, it's all about cause and effect. Their old way of thinking is the cause, and their starting weight is the effect. Knowing these two things can be coaching gold for any personal weight loss coach. To Find Out What Is … [Read more...]

Become A Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Keeps Your Client’s Weight Off

When you become a weight loss coach or fitness coach, your long-term goal is to help your client’s keep the weight off.  Your client’s comfort zones drive their behavior on a subconscious level.  Become a weight loss coach who is aware of your clients’ comfort zones.  Your clients may recognize that if they start making healthier choices they will get the weight loss results they want, but they might be out of their comfort zone.  How would a successful fitness coach handle this … [Read more...]

The Fitness Coach Calorie Controversy: Why Won’t Your Personal Weight Loss Coach Let You Eat that Cookie?

Why do people need a personal weight loss coach? Every fitness coach knows that if you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. But according to Dr. Katan and Dr. Ludwig who recently published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, January 6, 2010—Vol 3030, No. 1), weight change is self-limiting. They calculated that if you eat an extra cookie every day, your weight gain will level off at about 6 pounds, even if you continue to eat the … [Read more...]

To Be A Fitness Coach Or Personal Weight Loss Coach, You Must Teach Your Clients How To Set Goals

To be a fitness coach or personal weight loss coach, you must help your clients set goals. As a fitness coach, you are always helping your clients improve their health. One way to help your clients with their health is to become their personal weight loss coach. A common reason people get a personal weight loss coach is to look or feel better. They came to you as a fitness coach because they want to improve their health, and weight loss is one way to achieve that goal. When your clients look to … [Read more...]