How to Be a Personal Weight Loss Coach or a Fitness Coach that Transforms their Client

As a personal weight loss coach, it is your goal to help your clients lose weight and keep it off. One of the things you learn as a fitness coach or a personal weight loss coach is how important your clients’ thoughts are. How important are they to you as a fitness coach? For you, it’s all about cause and effect. Their old way of thinking is the cause, and their starting weight is the effect. Knowing these two things can be coaching gold for any personal weight loss coach.

To Find Out What Is Going On Inside Your Fitness Coach Client, Look At What Is Happening In Their Life On The Outside

Your personal weight loss coach client needs to be transformed on the inside. This means that your fitness coach client’s thoughts have created their reality. Your client’s thoughts on the inside will ALWAYS be reflected back on the outside. As a fitness coach, you know that your client can never get and KEEP the weight off without preparing themselves on the inside. So, this is the first place you need to focus on with them.

Your personal weight loss coach clients must have what it takes to fight the mental match for keeping the weight off on the outside. To create a different body, they must become a different person. They need take different actions and make choices that will cause the effect they are looking for. As their fitness coach, you can show them how to program these actions and choices into their everyday life.

Your Personal Weight Loss Coach Clients Must Understand This Is A Journey

Your personal weight loss coach clients need to view keeping the weight off like flying in an airplane. When you fly to any destination, you will be off-course 99% of the time. Despite this, you are confident you will reach your destination. The same goes for their journey with you as their fitness coach. Weight loss is their destination, they are the plane and you, their fitness coach, are the navigator. Though the journey isn’t guaranteed, if they just keep going they will eventually get to where they want to be.

No matter how well you help your personal weight loss coach client plan their lifestyle, there will be challenges daily. They will have to make corrections when they get off track. They will have good days and bad days. These are the experiences that will be required for them to become the person they need to become to keep the weight off. When they become this person, however, they will keep the weight off the rest of their lives and they will have you, their fitness coach, to thank for it.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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