The Ultimate Goal of Every Fitness Coach

The ultimate goal of every fitness coach is to help their clients achieve a life of true balance. Or as the ancient Greeks would say: a sound mind in a sound body. This balanced approach is what sets fitness coaching apart from sports coaches and physical training.

A Knowledge of Physiology and Nutrition Are Fundamental

Obviously every fitness coach must have profound knowledge in the areas of human physiology, healthful practices and nutrition. Guided exercise and guided meditation, coupled with the latest in detoxification and healthy nutrition are a must. While many fitness coaches may be drawn to extremes in these areas – whether ancient or modern – I prefer a more moderate path, eating from the whole spectrum of foods and exercising in moderation – focusing on long term results and longevity.

The Fitness Coach Uses Accountability Coaching to Identify and Overcome Barriers to Action

Accountability coaching calls the client to a higher standard of commitment. In the process the client comes face to face with themselves and their willingness to settle for less. Having established goals and commitments in absolute clarity the fitness coach helps the client work back along the chain of decisions that form their actions, and helps them to choose at the most fundamental level to commit and to act to achieve their goals of health and fitness.

Then They Use Strategy Coaching to Release the Body and Mind for Focus and Freedom

In this stage the coach helps the client to address their four fundamental needs: the needs for love and connection, significance, variety, and certainty. And then to understand at the deepest level that by balancing the satisfaction of these needs, the client can develop self-reinforcing behavior that will assure that exercises are always done, nutritious diets are always followed, and meditation and peace of mind become the inevitable results of being alive.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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