Become A Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Keeps Your Client’s Weight Off

When you become a weight loss coach or fitness coach, your long-term goal is to help your client’s keep the weight off.  Your client’s comfort zones drive their behavior on a subconscious level.  Become a weight loss coach who is aware of your clients’ comfort zones.  Your clients may recognize that if they start making healthier choices they will get the weight loss results they want, but they might be out of their comfort zone.  How would a successful fitness coach handle this challenge?

Become a Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Isn’t Satisfied With Short-Term Results


One successful fitness coach told me an interesting story.  It’s about a married woman that wanted to lose weight.  She hired a fitness coach and lost weight, but then she started getting unwanted attention from men other than her husband.  She ended up putting the weight back on.  She wasn’t comfortable with who she became after losing the weight.  Your fitness coach clients will have the similar challenge of having to reinvent themselves to keep the weight off.

Become a Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Helps Your Client Reinvent Themselves


When you become a weight loss coach, you need to be aware of your client’s comfort zones.  Your fitness coach clients may not take action because their subconscious mind may prevent them from doing so.  In the story, the person the woman became was out of her comfort zone.  Her comfort zone drove her behavior and she stopped making healthy choices.  When your client steps out of their comfort zone, their instinct will be to step back into their comfort zone.  As a fitness coach, if you can keep them out of their comfort zone long enough, it will become their new identity.  Become a weight loss coach that helps your clients reinvent themselves.  Give all your clients the tools mentally and physically to reinvent their lives forever.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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