Qualities of My Personal Fitness Coach

If I had a fitness coach, what qualities would I want in my personal fitness coach? How would I want them to look, act, and coach? What knowledge would I want them to possess? What training? Why am I asking these questions? Are You Thinking of Becoming a Fitness Coach? If you are thinking of becoming a fitness coach, a great exercise is to think of what you would want in a coach. This can help you formulate your training plan and analyze your own personality to see if you fit your own … [Read more...]

My Personal Fitness Coach Isn’t Worth a Damn!

The reason my fitness coach isn’t worth a damn is that I am my personal fitness coach! And if you aren’t getting the results that you need in various areas of your life, it is probably because you are not paying for and getting the professional coaching that you need. Paying for a coach is making an investment in yourself that will pay for itself over and over again. So just decide whether you are worth the investment or not, and stop screwing around. Where My Personal Fitness Coach Lets Me … [Read more...]

Lifestyle Changes Thanks to My Personal Fitness Coach

My personal fitness coach was covering weight loss, physical activity, exercise, nutrition and the importance of sleep. Wow, was it all so confusing at first. So much information, so many books and references, where was I going to get the clarity? What should I do? My mind was ready to explode. Many of you may be in a similar place in your life where you are uncomfortable or downright disappointed. I know I was, but that’s all over now that I found my personalized fitness coaching … [Read more...]