How to Become a Fitness Coach When You’re Overweight

If you do strictly phone coaching, the answer to how to become a fitness coach when you’ve got a few extra pounds is easy. But what if you do face-to-face coaching? Or just have integrity around who you say you are? Then it’s not as easy to say you became a fitness coach after overcoming your own obstacles.

How To Become a Fitness Coach Who Walks Your Talk

If you have an extra 10 pounds or so around the middle, chances are that you have an issue with fitness at some level. Whatever that issue is that keeps you from achieving your goals, is probably the same issue that will keep your clients from achieving theirs. I’ve found that the best way to learn how to become a fitness coach, or any other type of coach for that matter, is to break through your own limitations. Unless you’re alright with being mediocre.

3 Fitness Coach Traps To Avoid

1. Do more sit-ups to get rid of a flabby stomach. No matter how strong someone’s abdominals are, no one will see them if they are covered with a layer of fat.

2. If someone is exercising every day, they will automatically lose weight. It doesn’t matter how much someone exercises, extra calories = extra fat. In fact, research studies have shown that low intensity exercise even increases appetite.

3. Just Do It! How to become a fitness coach is more than being a drill sergeant. People do what they do because they are getting their needs met. Certainty plays a big role in weight loss, as most people get a lot of comfort from the foods they eat and the people they eat them with. Make sure you empower your clients so that their needs are being met at a higher level as they step into their new lifestyle.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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