What Makes a Good Personal Fitness Coach?

Yesterday a client of mine asked me if I knew of a good personal fitness coach. Now, this is a personal topic for me, as a Coach and as a fitness junkie. Personal fitness coaches have a responsibility to up hold a higher standard of moral and ethical behavior. People trust these coaches to guide them to a healthier, fun filled and more fruitful life style.

How Does a Personal Fitness Coach Get Results?

First of all, a personal fitness coach emphasizes personal accountability. Without accountability nothing happens. Yes, you might get some result, lose a few pounds, or lose a few inches here and there, but let’s be real. The truly awesome personal fitness coaches conduct assessments; develop a strategy and then implement a plan of action. It’s within this action plan and the accountability that the changes in life style take place.

You see, we will often do more for others than we will ever do for ourselves. For instance, if you set a plan to get up and run at 5 a.m. in the morning and you’re not a morning person nor a runner…the only reason you’re getting out of your comfortable warm bed is if your personal fitness coach is waiting outside under the street light for you!

Get Out of The House And Into Your Life.

Nature has a way of giving us a sense of health and rejuvenation. A good personal fitness coach will tell you that having a treadmill in your house or doing yoga in your home is fine, but nothing beats being outdoors. Feeling the wind on your face and the warmth of the sun on your back is irreplaceable. Moving your body throughout many different plains of motions will create the greatest results. So, run, jump, climb and pull yourself through every park, beach or obstacle on the street. Have fun, enjoy your life and introduce someone to your knew life of motion.

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Mark Rabbitt
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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