To Be A Fitness Coach Or Personal Weight Loss Coach, You Must Teach Your Clients How To Set Goals

To be a fitness coach or personal weight loss coach, you must help your clients set goals. As a fitness coach, you are always helping your clients improve their health. One way to help your clients with their health is to become their personal weight loss coach. A common reason people get a personal weight loss coach is to look or feel better. They came to you as a fitness coach because they want to improve their health, and weight loss is one way to achieve that goal. When your clients look to you as their fitness coach and want to find ways to lose their weight, there are two things you can do as their personal weight loss coach to help your clients on the path to set goals they can reach.

As A Fitness Coach; Your Job Is To Help Your Clients Decide EXACTLY What They Want And Write It Down

As a personal weight loss coach, have your client decide exactly what they want. How do you do that? Help them to be as specific as they can. If they say, “I want to lose weight,” and you helped them lose one pound, would you be a good fitness coach? Of course not, because losing one pound isn’t what they really want. In order to find out what it is they really want, have your client choose a specific goal. This can be as easy as identifying a target weight. For example, if their goal is to weigh 185 pounds and they now weigh 228 pounds, their goal is to lose 43 pounds.

Personal Weight Loss Coach Tip: Make Sure Your Client’s Weight Loss Goal Is Measurable

For a goal to be a goal, it must be written down. Once your personal weight loss coach client has written the goal down, look at the goal to see if it is measurable. What I mean by “measurable” is that you, as their fitness coach, will have a way to know when they have accomplished their goal. In our example, your client’s goal is to weigh 185 pounds, or to lose 43 pounds. It is measurable, so you can monitor it. This is the only way to know whether you’re getting the result for your client.

If your fitness coach client’s goal is not measurable, then go back and rewrite it until it clearly measurable. In order to be successful as a personal weight loss coach, helping your client write goals that you both can track progress with will help to stay motivated and celebrate successes.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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