Who is My Personal Weight Loss Coach?

What would I want from my personal weight loss coach? What attributes would you want in your personal weight loss coach? That’s a question anyone seeking the services of a weight loss coach should be asking. It is also a question new weight loss coaches should be asking themselves. Think About What Your Clients are Looking for in a Coach You need to find out what people in your target market are seeking if you want to attract and retain clients and succeed and prosper in the coaching … [Read more...]

Creating My Personal Weight Loss Coach

If I had a personal weight loss coach, and I'm not admitting that I need one, my personal weight loss coach would combine many traits and have a variety of different skills. So, assuming I did need to drop a few pounds, and assuming I could build the ideal coach, what would I create? Weight Loss Coaching Works! A pilot project conducted by the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island found that people assigned a health coach (a real coach or another … [Read more...]

My Personal Weight Loss Coach Says I Have To Starve Myself

When I hear people say, “My personal weight loss coach says I have to starve myself to have a great body,” it makes my blood boil. If you are a weight loss coach who preaches this mis-information your personal clients are likely to get fatter instead of thinner. Your clients will live in a state of feeling deprived instead of feeling empowered. There Are No Short-Cuts To Success The basic laws of physics state that you must consume fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight. … [Read more...]