Become A Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Keeps Your Client’s Weight Off

When you become a weight loss coach or fitness coach, your long-term goal is to help your client’s keep the weight off.  Your client’s comfort zones drive their behavior on a subconscious level.  Become a weight loss coach who is aware of your clients’ comfort zones.  Your clients may recognize that if they start making healthier choices they will get the weight loss results they want, but they might be out of their comfort zone.  How would a successful fitness coach handle this … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching: Become a Weight Loss Coach Who Goes Beyond Motivating Clients to Stick to a ‘Diet’

When I meet with a client for their first session, 9 times out of 10 one of their goals is a wellness coaching issue. Maybe it’s to “become more fit” or “to loose 15 pounds”, but it makes me realize that if someone wants to become a weight loss coach there arw more than enough clients to stay busy. What are the key ingredients to a successful wellness coaching practice, and what is the quickest way to become a weight loss coach? Wellness Coaching Requires You to Discover the True Needs of Your … [Read more...]

Become a Weight Loss Coach: Life Coach Training Techniques for Transformation That Will Turn Heads

What does it take to become a weight loss coach? The ability to provide accountability? Sure. What about an in-depth knowledge of exercise and nutrition? Those people are a dime a dozen.  If that's all you offer when you become a weight loss coach, then you'll have trouble producing results with many of your clients. Where do I find specific life coach training to become a weight loss coach? If you really want to become a weight loss coach that can help people conquer a lifetime of poor habits, … [Read more...]