How to Become a Certified Life Coach

There are actually three questions here: why, where and how to become a certified life coach. If you don’t have good answers to all three of these questions, you might be making some big mistakes. Let’s take these one at a time. Follow the guidelines presented below, search the internet, study the material taught, insist on lots of actual coaching experience in addition to course material, and look for a clear track record of successful graduates and clients. Why Become a Certified … [Read more...]

Salary of a Life Coach Training; Make the Difference and Make an Income

Salary of a life coach training: make the difference and make an income as you enter a field that will grow exponentially in the coming years. Life coaching is big and getting bigger. There has been a boom in the number of individuals who are offering their services as life coaches. Life coaches can help a person move a career forward, repair relationships, get personal situations resolved, or just basically get their act together. In a field that is hot, salaries are bound to be good. You can … [Read more...]

Corporate Coach Training – Training for Success

Does corporate coach training work? Can the corporate bigwigs at a company be coached and trained? Or do they think they are above coaching because they have already reached pinnacles of success most people only dream only dream about? Corporate Coaching – Myth or Fact? A study in the Journal of Public Personnel Management, a quarterly journal focusing on human resource work in the public sector, found that training increased managerial productivity by 22.4 percent while coaching plus training … [Read more...]

Top Ten List for Best Practices in Coaching

Everyone has heard of David Letterman's Top Ten List, so to borrow from the late night host, this article will present the top ten list for best practices in coaching. Coaching requites skill, expertise, knowledge, experience, dedication, and plenty of passion. These best practices can be considered guidelines or principles for running an effective, ethical, and successful coaching practice. Best practices in coaching are a crucial part of training for anyone wishing to be a coach. Top Ten List … [Read more...]

Less Clients For a Higher Salary for Life Coach

What is an average salary for life coach? Hell, who cares about average – what is a great salary for life coach? It is important to consider that coaching salaries vary wildly and it is difficult to determine an average. Many online sites about coaching peg an average life coaching fee at $100- $200 per hour, with experienced and skilled coaches charging $250 up to $600 per hour. According to a Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey that looked at international coaching salaries, here are a few … [Read more...]

Earning a Enjoyable Business Coach Salary

What is a respectable business coach salary? Glad you asked. First of all, let's talk about how to start a business coaching practice. To get started is easy – anyone sitting at home in the pajamas can become a business coach. However, to be a successful business coach and earn a rewarding business coach salary, it takes education, patience, practice, and dedication. Your starting point should be education and training. Locate a respected coaching training program and begin taking courses. A … [Read more...]

Prestigious Coaching Certification: Content or Cache?

When it comes to getting a prestigious coaching certificate that really is the question – are you looking for content or cache? After 35 years working in Silicon Valley Hi-Tech, I have met more than a couple of guys with BSEE’s from MIT and Harvard MBA’s who couldn’t figure out a bus schedule. And you can’t get a more prestigious education than that. So clearly it is a combination of what you bring to the table, how hard you are willing to work, and the quality of the coaching school or … [Read more...]

Coaching Best Practices – Youth Sports or Professional Coaching

One of the most important topics for professional coaches is the concept of coaching best practices. Best practices can best be defined as techniques and methods used by a coach that are deemed to be practical and effective when applied to specific coaching situations and engagements. So, to describe what best practices you should use in you professional coaching business, we will look at the best practices of unpaid, untrained, and unprofessional coaches – the youth sports coach. Coaching Best … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Salaries Are Going Higher and Higher

For several years, one of the fastest growing career paths has been professional coaching, and life coaching salaries have been steadily increasing. There is no special degree required and coaches can work for themselves or for large corporations. One of the keys to earning a high life coaching salary is to find a niche in the coaching world, some specific specialization that will make you a big fish in a small pond. Life Coaching Salaries – How Much? The life coaching profession is still a … [Read more...]

What is an Us Coach?

Everyone is looking for a competitive edge in the coaching world, so here is a new one for you – an “us coach.” What is an “us coach” you ask? It is a coach that teaches teamwork. Teamwork can certainly be taught in the sports realm, but it is also vitally important in the business and corporate world. Employees and managers need to be able to work together to reach a common goal. Instead of teaching one client - “I”, you coach a group - “us.” What Does an Us Coach Do? Four of the principle … [Read more...]