Life Coaching Salaries Are Going Higher and Higher

For several years, one of the fastest growing career paths has been professional coaching, and life coaching salaries have been steadily increasing. There is no special degree required and coaches can work for themselves or for large corporations. One of the keys to earning a high life coaching salary is to find a niche in the coaching world, some specific specialization that will make you a big fish in a small pond. Life Coaching Salaries – How Much? The life coaching profession is still a … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Salaries: What You Need to Get a Raise

Most coaches don’t find it easy to increase their life coaching salaries, and it’s not that they don’t work hard.  Most coaches work longer hours than the average employee.  However, there are several reasons for the challenges many coaches face regarding their life coaching salaries, but once you identify the culprit, you can start making changes almost immediately. What Keeps Coaches From Getting the Life Coaching Salaries They Deserve is Their Mindset The biggest reason life coaches don’t … [Read more...]