3 Secrets to Training & Coaching Sales Management

Successfully training and coaching sales management is a very tricky thing. First, most sales managers are not a good fit for their job. Second, most sales managers are not really open to learning how to be great sales managers. And third, most sales managers don’t really know what makes a good sales person. Three strikes and you are out, but read on and you will see how easy it can be to be successful at training and coaching sales management! A Good Sales Person Often Does Not Make a Good … [Read more...]

Fitness Coaching Jobs – a Healthy Career

One way to stay healthy while you work is to grab one of the many fitness coaching jobs that will be available in the coming years. The fitness coaching industry is sure to expand and jobs are certain to be plentiful as an aging population seeks ways to stay active, healthy, and attempt to ward off the effects of aging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the fitness coaching field will grow by nearly 30 percent in the next decade – will you be ready to take advantage of this boom? … [Read more...]

Online Life Coach Certification Is Strictly BS

Online life coach certification sounds pretty good. Heck you can get a PhD from an accredited university online, so why not life coach certification. That is simple. If your PhD program is simply a bunch of information delivered strictly online or strictly from a bunch of books, it would be BS, too. (And by BS, I don’t mean anything clever like “brilliantly simple.”) Here is how to judge the merits of a life coach certification program delivered online or any other way. There Is a Lot More to … [Read more...]

How to Brand Your Coaching Practice

Every coach wants their coaching practice to stand out from the competition, and one way to do this is to brand your coaching practice. Without a recognizable brand, your coaching practice runs the risk of becoming just another coach on the block – just another life coach, health coach, executive coach, or any old coach! One of the many. A small fish in a big pond! Brand Your Coaching Practice – 3 Easy Steps You are Unique! Finding something that says something unique about you and your … [Read more...]

Why I Become a Coach

I become a coach for many reasons – that is what anyone who is entering the coaching field will say if asked the question, “Why do you want to become a coach?” Careers in coaching are personally, professionally, and financially rewarding. When you become a coach, you will understand the power you have to help shape the lives and careers of your clients. There are thousands of coaches and thousands of reasons why individuals become coaches. Most coaches have a variety of reasons why they choose … [Read more...]

Coaching + Training = Profits

Formula: Coaching + Training = Profits. What does this formula mean? Well, to break it down, it means: coaching experience plus continual training will put you into a higher tax bracket. Admittedly, many coaches start out making almost abysmal pay. Starting salaries for coaches can be low and if you are starting your own coaching practice, it takes months or years to build up a solid client base that will generate a very good income. But, if you remember the formula, coaching + training = … [Read more...]